JAMB Result Checker: How To Check 2022 JAMB Result

The JAMB Result for 2022 has been released – Learn how to check your JAMB Result online.

Members of the general public, particularly those who took part in the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB 2022 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), are at this moment informed and reminded that the results of the examination have been released and that candidates can now check their results online by following the step-by-step procedure outlined in the following paragraphs.

Getting access to your JAMB UTME results is entirely free, and you are not needed to purchase anything to do so. Follow the instructions, and you’ll be able to check yours for free.

To check your UTME result, you’ll need your JAMB registration number.

How to Check the UTME Result using the JAMB Website

Step 1: Go to the JAMB result checking website: JAMB UTME RESULT and enter your registration/phone number.

Step 2: Enter your JAMB Registration Number/Email Address in the blank box that appears below the JAMB logo at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: After successfully entering your registration number or email address that you provided during registration, click on the ‘Check My Results’ button.

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As soon as your result has been uploaded, the JAMB website will display it on the screen of your mobile device.
Finally, keep in mind that the JAMB portal will only display your results if they are complete and posted to the website.

How to Check the JAMB UTME CBT Result Using the JAMB Profile (JAMB Profile)

JAMB Profiles allow you to access your UTME results, which you may not know about before. Yes, all candidates who have registered for the UTME in 2022 are required to create a profile on the JAMB platform. There is a great deal that can be accomplished via the JAMB profile.

You may accept your admission using JAMB CAPS, check your JAMB result, purchase a JAMB change of form, and many more things online.

On the other hand, today, I will teach you how to check your JAMB result using your JAMB profile. To prevent your UTME result, you’ll need your JAMB registration number.

  • You must log in to your JAMB profile at Click Here to check your results.
  • Enter your registration/phone number into the portal when it has loaded, and then click on “Login” after it has finished loading.
  • Go to “Check my Results” and wait for the page to load.
    Please keep in mind that verifying your JAMB result via your JAMB profile is completely free of charge.

Check Out Your Jamb Results Making Use Of SMS

Candidates who took part in the 2021 Joint Admission and Matriculation Board Examination, including UTME and DE candidates, may verify their results by sending an SMS using the phone number they used to register. If you want to check your JAMB result using the 55019 code, follow the below instructions.

  • Make a new message in your inbox and enter RESULT.
  • Please send it to the following number: 55019.
  • To guarantee that you get your results, you must have at least N50 on your Simcard’s balance. You will be charged N50 and get an SMS with your exam results.
  • Please keep in mind that if you utilize a Sim Card that has not been registered for the 2022 UTME/DE Examination, this will not function.
  • It is important to note that if you check and find “no result yet,” try checking again after 24 hours.

Participants in the JAMB UTME in 2021 should be aware that the results are issued in batches rather than once. If the portal returns with the message ‘You Do Not Have Any Result Yet’ after you have entered your Registration number or email address in the empty column, it means that your result is not yet available for viewing.

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How To Print Out Your JAMB Result

The procedure of printing your JAMB original Result Slip is relatively quick and straightforward to complete. This implies that you may do it yourself, but you will need to make a ₦1,000 payment on the JAMB site to get access to and print the original result slips from the system.

Visit here to log into your JAMB profile and update your information.
Click on the “Print Result Slip” link, which can be found on the left-hand side of the website, under the list of services.
At this point, select “continue with payment” to proceed with the payment via the Remita platform.

You may now continue printing your result slip by choosing the appropriate exam year from the drop-down menu and entering your JAMB registration number in the appropriate field.

I trust that after reading the above instruction from Nairablink, you now understand How to Print JAMB/UTME Original Result Slip Online on your computer.

Please keep in mind that you may have your result slip delivered to you via email or that you can print it immediately from the site.

To be valid, your passport picture must be printed on the JAMB Original Result Slip. If you submit a result slip without a copy of your passport, your application may be rejected by the school of your choice.

Reprinting does not need the use of a scratch card.


What Should You Do After You Have Checked Your JAMB CBT Results?

After completing your performance evaluation, you are obliged to do the following tasks for your own benefit.

  •  After seeing your UTME results for 2021, be sure to print off your result slip.
  • Please keep in mind that even if you received a score higher than 200, you have not yet been accepted. Instead, by preparing for the Post-UTME/Screening of your school of choice for the 2021/2022 academic session, you may assure that you will be accepted into your school of choice for the 2021/2022 academic session.
  • If you believe you have made a mistake or want to modify your course or institution, please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form provided below.
  • Determine whether or not you need a change of course or institution: If your JAMB score is insufficient to get admission into the course or institution you applied to, you will be required to modify your course or institution of study. When deciding on a new course and institution, there are two things to keep in mind:
  • a) The course you want to move to must be compatible with your UTME subject combination, and
  • b) The institution you want to shift to must be compatible with your UTME subject combination.
  • Purchase the Admission Screening Form for Your School: To be considered for admission into any school in Nigeria, you must apply to the institution’s admission screening process.
  • Participate in the Admissions Screening Exercise at your institution. After obtaining the admission screening form for your institution, you will be required to participate in the entrance screening process.
  • Learn about the admissions cut-off point for your preferred school.
  • Make a move. If your name appears on the admissions list for your institution, it indicates that you have been given provisional admission. You will be needed to complete the clearance and registration processes at the school to which you have been offered provisional admission to verify your entry. After that, you are considered a legitimate student at that institution.

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What next if I did not pass my UTME

Have you examined your 2022/2023 JAMB results, and you noticed that your outcomes weren’t promising at all? Maybe you scored around 100 or even 50. You could feel depressed and downcast, but recognize that failing JAMB now does not mean you would fail JAMB examinations tomorrow.

Dust yourself, find a suitable tutoring center, and start anew in reading ahead for the following coming JAMB examinations. You can learn tailoring, painting, hairdressing, etc. Don’t consider yourself useless, and don’t indulge in crime; you can still keep yourself occupied by studying one or two talents that will be valuable to you while in school.

In Conclusion, always check your results on the JAMB official website; the information provided on this page was created to assist Jambites who are having problems locating their JAMB result 2022 on the official website. If you are experiencing any significant difficulties or issues with your result score or missing result, please do not hesitate to contact JAMB immediately via their website.

You may find a link to verify your UTME result. Use this resource to guide you through verifying your JAMB UTME results through the portal using your registration information.

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