Israel Prime Minister Promises To Continue Attacking Gaza Until The Aim of The Operation is Achieved

Israeli’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that the country’s military is determined to continue its attack on the Gaza strip despite the phone call he made with US President, Joe Biden.

Recall that the face-off between Israel and Hamas who rules over Gaza began last week Monday after some Israeli Police stormed the Al-Aqsa mosque and injured many worshippers.

In response to the crises, Hamas launched a rocket attack on some of Israeli’s territories which were however neutralised by the iron dome system.

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Israeli military retaliated by launching coordinated airstrikes which left more than 200 Palestinians dead according to the Gaza Ministry of health. In an attempt to broker peace between the two factions, US President Joe Biden has yesterday called the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and urged him to cease the airstrikes considering the number of civilians affected by the war.

However, in an interview with newsmen today, Benjamin Netanyahu stated that he is determined to continue the airstrikes on the Gaza strip until all the Hamas operational base are neutralise.

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Aljazeera English reported that the prime minister claimed that the attacks will continue until the aim of the war is achieved by the military.

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