Inksnation Finally Crashed as Founder Got Arrested


EFCC officials have successfully nabbed Omotade Sparks Amos, a swindler who defrauded Nigerians of billions of naira in the name of his fraudulent company INKSNATION.

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The site was expected to resume back to their normal daily activities this May but it’s quiet unfortunate that the dubious founder was arrested.

He was arrested in Sokoto by the EFCC after the EFCC announced his search for him a few months ago. He has now been found in Sokoto for establishing a scam site.

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Mr Omotade-Sparks who hails from Badagry Lagos State was declared wanted by the EFCC in November 2020 after efforts to apprehend him failed. He is the alleged mastermind of a huge pyramid investment scheme Pinkoin through which many citizens were defrauded of monies to the tune of over Thirty Two Million Naira.

Where are the INKSNATION members who insulted Datti Assalafiy and insulted him because we persuaded the family members to stay away from the INSKNATION and take the money they paid to register as a fraud. Alhamdulillah today the truth is out.

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Those who invested in this Pinkoin should take it out of their mind and let go of Pinksnation. Inksnation is a scam. Thank God he is arrested.

This infamous man harmed the poor members of the masses by letting go of the Coronavirus at the beginning, the food for the poor could not be supplied, he introduced INKSNATION to extort money from the poor, especially people at Northern part of the country. Not everyone knows that Inksnation is not legit but a scam.

We hope that God almighty will disgrace him, may He forbid him to enjoy the life of an evil tyrant thief.

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So shall the founder of Nigeria Order Works, Stepworks, Amazon and others be arrested.

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