Ijobbers Review: How To Earn Millions of Naira On IJOBBERS Daily Airdrop

Ijobbers is a community of online digital earners with the sole purpose of generating wealth and passive income on the internet. Ijobbers was created to provide a source of income that would help its members get out of a financial rut and into the spotlight of financial freedom.

You can earn money on a daily basis by participating in our airdrops, sharing our viral postings, advertising, and uploading interesting material. This was lunched on the 24th of January 2022. The official website is ijobbers.net

Withdrawal on Ijobbers

On Ijobbers, your earnings are paid every day whenever you reach your minimum withdrawal within 24 hours.

Referrals on Ijobbers

Definitely referral is not compulsory on Ijobbers. Because Ijobber is a digital and network platform, referral is not required.

How To Become an Affiliate on Ijobbers

For you to become an affiliate on Ijobbers you can use whatever marketing techniques, you can to gain your referrals like using the company’s banners and advertising them on Whatsapp and other social media platforms.

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Additionally, you can refer individuals to join using your referral link and receive an activation code from any of our sellers, and you will receive 50% of each referral.

Our most successful affiliates have a strong belief in us and provide accurate, detailed endorsements. This usually consists of a well-written post with a text link and a banner image, as well as the creation and maintenance of communities around us. You must comprehend your audience’s demands and make every attempt to enlighten, educate, and entertain them with high-quality material. That is the key to achievement!

What is Ijobbers Airdrop

Airdrop is an earning method mined by our airdrop engine that is realized while earning on Ijobber’s which is usually called jobbers coin.

Our airdrop is earned every 6 hours for our 3k packages and every 7 hours for our 5k packages on Ijobber’s. You earn our airdrop daily by loading your airdrops and earning your cash for the day by clicking on the airdrop engine.

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How To Renew Packages on Ijobbers

After settlement, you only need to renew your account with 50% of your registration money, which means that for the 3k package, you only need to renew your account with 1500 naira.
While for the 5k package you renew your account with 2500 naira after settlement

As the upline, you get a 10% bonus every time your downline renews their account.

Workers Package on Ijobbers



  • Referal bonus: ₦1500
  • Welcome bonus: ₦1500
  • Daily airdrop : every 7 hours : N220 daily
  • Daily viral post : N150 daily
  • Uploading memes, adverts, short video skits,music files, articles any of this activity

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Masters Package on Ijobbers



  • Referal bonus : N2500
  • Welcome bonus: N2500
  • Daily air drop : every 6hours | N320 daily
  • Daily viral posts : N200 daily
  • Uploading memes,short video skits ,music files, articles, adverts and blogs, any of this activities.

Non Referral Payment

All earnings for non referral are paid directly into your bank account daily once you reach the minimum withdrawal point every 28 days.

– Affiliate bonus are paid everyday with a minimum withdrawal of N3500
– Earnings are renewed after settlement with just 50% of registration fee

Workers package renewal: N1500

– Masters package renewal: N2500

Ijobbers is an online money making platform to be lunched on the 24th of January… Be the first set of people to get alert on Ijobbers… Join my group now. It’s just like Videomine, Viraltrend, Chatmogul etc.

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Ijobbers is a platform that fetch you daily earnings as you invite, share viral post, and earn airdrop point on the site.

It started on the 6th of January this year and it will be lunched officially on the 24th of January.

It’s just like chatmogul, videomine etc but their own activities is different from those platforms.

There are 2 packages in Ijobbers, Workers and Masters

On workers package the registration is 3,000, referral bonus is 1,500, for sharing viral post daily you earn #150, you earn #70 Airdrop every 7hrs.

On master package Registration is 5,000, referral bonus is 2,500, viral post is #250 daily, Airdrop #120 every 7hrs etc

There are other earning opportunities for uploading videos skits, articles, music file on both packages.

*Daily earning for Masters package of 5k without referrals* is #680 in addition with any other activities like posting videos, music’s, articles etc which can earn you up to 1k or more daily.

*While for workers package of 3k without referrals* is #360 in addition with any other activities like posting videos, music’s, articles etc which can earn you up to 1k daily

*Referring is not compulsory but it helps you in meeting up with the minimum withdrawal within short period of time*


Leaders Package



  • ReferRal bonus: ₦4000
  • Welcome bonus: ₦3000
  • Daily airdrop : every 10 hours : N700 daily
  • Daily viral post : N300 daily
  • Uploading memes, adverts, short video skits,music files, articles any of this activity


About IJobbers MLM

Ijobber’s MLM multilevel earning scheme is something to look forward to. Unlike other platforms, you can register for 2500 naira, finish a cycle/stage, and receive 15000 naira.

What Is Ijobbers MlM And How Does It Work?

1. Form a team or, better yet, a group on social media, such as Whatsapp, and invite people to join.

2. Inform them about Ijobber’s MLM multilevel earning opportunity.
3. Sign up for MLM and become the leader of your team or group.
4. Obtain your affiliate link
5. Get just two people from your team to sign up under you, and your cycle will start.
6.encourage your A and B downlines to each bring two people to the party. Congratulations, your cycle is complete, and you can cash out your 15k.
7. You have the option to withdraw.

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