If You Play BET or Any Type of Gamble & You Never Won, This is For You:

Please can I ask u few questions?

I wonder why some people waste their money in playing bet without recording a single winning that will cover the loss.

I could remember when I was in your shoe and I use to stake a single bet for 20k with the hope of getting a better result that will double the money but regret is always the end.

I have been an online investor for long and I have invested in many businesses online including forex trading and Binamo company.

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Since 2020 that Corona virus forcefully pushed millions of companies to online marketing there have been a lot of scam not only in Nigeria but all around the globe.

Online marketing is one of the best way to push your products online during and after covid19 and that is why some advertisement company came on board to lunch different apps that can fetch those that work from home some amount of money for viewing their products online.

Searching for legit marketing company online

Pay attention to this questions:-

Firstly bet is not one of the best option to invest your money in if you really want to make money online. Most especially the virtual games (Baba n Seju) I call it a scam because it is not visible.

  • what is the percentage of your winning against losing? (Am very sure no matter how good you are, it won’t be more than 10% that is that if you stake 10 times, you lose 9 and win 1 time, and some of you never even win this year).

  • can you kindly multiply how much you have staked by how many times you have staked dis year? (Am sure you have lost a whole lot)

-why will you then choose to invest in gamble? And not this online platform where you will be getting your money and profit is sure to a good extent? But just for little period of time with just little money. (It is never advisable to invest too much in any online money making platform because none of them is to be trusted 100%).

Some of you believe that online business can’t give you millions at once ba? How many millions have you won from gamble?

You all need to start thinking

The reason behind most successful businesses is that most of them prefer to have 1000 clients and gain 10 naira from each one, hence they have made 10k, while bad business will want to make 100 naira and will end up only having about 20 Mumu customers and make 2k.

Will you rather have so many customers and make more, hence you are growing everyday cause each customer is equivalent to 10 customers.

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While if you have 20 mumu customers, you will lose them 1 by 1 cause you are charging them a lot for same service they can get for a cheaper rate..

If you register on Nigeria Order Works, it will give you a better opportunity to build a team and earn from them by teaching them how to make money on the platform. For those that want to build an online Whatsapp TV, you can do this with by adding more numbers of people so that you can get more status views and start earning from your audience by taking advertisement from those that knows that you have more views that can patronize their business online.

Recharge with at least #5000 in Nigeria Order Works so as to start earning instatly. (Please use what you can afford to lose). And if you want to use more than that it’s better to consult the person that invited you to guide you on what to do and how to do it because these people can go and anytime. Let’s be careful.

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During weekend on Norderwork, there is weekend bonus for those that are recharging for the first time and 10% of their recharge amount will be given instatly.

From now on, as long as it is the first recharge of your NOW account, you will receive a 10% reward of the recharge amount

🤑🤑Recharge 5000 and reward 500🤑🤑
🤑🤑Recharge 10000 and reward 1000🤑🤑
🤑🤑Recharge 30000 and reward 3000🤑🤑
🤑🤑Recharge 100,000 and reward 10,000🤑🤑

⏰⏰⏰Activity time⏰⏰⏰

Everything You Need To Know About Nigeria Order Works “NOW”

You still want to RECHARGE more than 5k?
That is your problem, if you earn more you are a winner but if you are caught up you are at risk.
I dan talk my own…

If you know you can refer and you can manage your team and teach them how the system works, click below link to register and recharge your account with #5000 you will be earning more than your capital in few weeks . . . Pls don’t invest more than 5k.


C.E.O Merry Makers Tv
You can decide on what to do if you wish to invest. But no guarantee that the system will last for long

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