If You Masturbate, You Will Be Poor Forever Unless You Are Delivered

Please don’t sleep or go to bed without reading this special message, trust me you will be helped and your life will change for better.


So take your time to read this. Refuse to end this MONTH the same. Believe me you will never regret reading this, this will answer almost 78% of your questions.

Virgin And Masturbation; Masturbation is An Intellectual Fornication, Dangers & Prevention

Please whether you are a man or a woman, stop what you are doing and read this now.
Each time you masturbate, you donate sperm to the demonic kingdom.
Masturbation is like having sex in dreams, each time you release, you in-pregnante a demon and as a woman, each time you are masturbating, you are having sex with a demon and sometimes get pregnanted by a demon.

Have you ever wondered how you see yourself with children or breastfeeding a baby in dreams when physically you have non? For those who are married it is very hard to have affection to their partner.

One Sunday morning, during the One on One section, a very intelligent man came to me to complain that he had an accident in 2014 and lost his car, he nearly lost his life but God saved him.
From 2014 he had been applying to get money from the government an “accident grant” but the money was not given to him.

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Each time he goes to claim his money he would be told to come today, come tomorrow and this money is over a million naira.

As I was praying for him, God revealed to me that he had donated all his fortune to the demons, he masturbate 4 to 5 times a day.
When I asked him, he agreed and asked me to deliver him, I prayed for him and told him that tonight, you will have a dream, a woman will come to make love to you, catch her and pull out a ring from her, that will be the end of your problems.

3days later he had a dream, his former classmate came to make love to him, he caught her, pulled out a ring from her finger and woke up immediately.
And began to thank God ,around 13:40 hrs the money which were held for a very long time was released.

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That is the God I know, the God of War, The God of miracles.
Many of you would have been so rich now but because of masturbation, your wealth, good luck and happiness have been donated to demons. You would have been married by now but your feelings are gone because of masturbation.

Listen to me, the enemy has come up with sex toys, sex objects, to aid masturbation, to steal kill and destroy humanity completely. Do you know that Sex toys is an industry of the devil?

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From today I want to help you understand that Masturbation is a spirit – a demon. This spirit of darkness does not come alone, it is accompanied by spirit of lust. Spirit of lust includes lust of eyes, lust of flesh, etc.
It is one of the spirits that takes people to which pornography and all sorts of sexual immorality.

Pornography is a fuel of masturbation

It’s never too late:

Distance is not a barrier, I pray for anyone
that will Type Amen and share this post, the demon that is eating your fortune will divorce you forever in the mighty name of Jesus.

I return your fortunes in Jesus name.
Give no room for the devil to manipulate your life.

Now congratulations, because all that the devil stole from you is bring back.

Pastor Anonymous

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