If You Are a Student and Wants To Be a Blogger Read This

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We all know it’s not easy to make money in Nigeria while studying. But it has become more easier for bloggers or should I say those that really want to choose blogging as a career.

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A student posted on a group on Facebook that he is willing to drop out of school for blogging and I had to pile up some of the important comments under the post for you to read:



Its a choice, dropping out or not dropping out, that doesn’t mean you can’t become successful.

A lot of folks thought are: if you don’t go to university and get certificate, you are useless. They are brainwash with 1990’s mindset.

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In this century, going to the university to get certificate is for those who are looking for high paying job, bcus the university will never teach you how to make money.

Becoming a successful individual don’t require certificate nor university blah blah rubbish.

Perhaps, certificate has nothing to do with education, you can be a graduate and still not educated.

Everything on earth has an advantage and disadvantages.

The university is a great place for connection, because you will meet hundreds of people each day (especially in federal schools).

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I will advise you not to drop out, instead of dropping out, forget about the certificate, and looking for opportunities on how you can build your business while in school, there are business minded like you in school, connect with them, use the school as hub of publicity for your business.

I was like you, having the mindset to drop out because I realized school is putting me far away from my dream, but now I am enjoy every opportunity the school have, I use free sch WiFi which deduct the cost of data, etc.

Don’t drop out, just prioritize your business over the school certificate, but also work on CGPA, make sure you try not to have carryover.

The decision is yours.

Drop out or not dropping out, that doesn’t mean you can’t become successful.

Sometimes it’s not just about the certificate,

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The kind exposure, knowledge and wisdom school has brought to me is far beyond what I can be Google searching. School has taught me how to cope and survive real life situation even in hard times.

Forget this eyinbos that drop out and later become successful. Nigeria lawa. Check all our big bloggers you will hear something like I started blogging after NYSC when I can’t find job, some during their higher education but they never drop out.

Assuming you’ve not started yet, fine. But dropping out is not part of the option.
Time no dey in school,
You just have to squeeze it noni.

It’s your choice.
Moreover, you mustn’t be in a classroom before you can be educated. You mustn’t go to school before you can be successful.

Identify your passion and look out for the tools you need to achieving your dreams.

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Mark Zuckerberg dropped out from school to chase his dreams and today he’s fine… Identify your call if it demands going to a formal school, fine.

If not, get the skill then later you get the papers.

Nowadays, it is skill that is bringing food to the table and not necessarily papers.


If u went to school in other to get a well paid job at the end then u don’t have a good reason for going. The essence of education is to teach, expose and show you how to make money not to give you money.

Education has exposed us to the internet if not we would be ignorant of even this blogging, how do you expect to blog when you don’t know or understand english and targetting tier 1 countries? Education is lit my brother.

Meke una leave dis guy meke he follow his Heart ..
Which one be boldness to enter places, when you no get money you go succumb, de boldness na rubbish.

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Is only in Nigeria that people think Going to school is the only way out for Survival

But ask yourself, School na Empowerment, abi na Poverty alleviation Program?

Think twice, because Life don change, Nigeria is no longer a country Ma, look am

When Mark Zuckerb. (Owner of Facebook) drop out from School say he wan focus on programming na so people been criticize am…. but see him life today

No forget say your PRESIDENT Bubu No get WAEC certificate o, howfar

This is 21st century, Use your head, not Paper

For real? Abeg if you are in school, try your best.

Please finish school first collect their certificate then fucos completely on your dreams.

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If not for any other thing you can easily enter some places with confidence and boldness.


Starting a Career as a blogger require a lot of Patience, Hard work and continuous Learning. ( Can you do that? if yes read this article till the end)

You need to figure out what you are passionate about, and can share the knowledge of that to the world. Choose a “Niche” only if you are passionate about it as only then you can write good articles about it.

Learn some basic Search Engine Optimization, WordPress Website setup. Learn about plugins and themes a lot of online courses are available to learn about these.

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Learn about Keyword Researching, Link Building It is very important.

Setup your website on: Google Blogger, WordPress, Non Hosted WordPress [recommended].

Start writing articles on good keywords [ after researching them ], Market your article all over the social media. Post at least 2 long article in a week [ 1500–3000 words]. Consistency is the key.

How will you earn blogging?

You can earn decent money after completing above steps for 6–7 months. In this period your Blog will have good Authority over the web. So here are some methods by which you can earn on from your blog.

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Google Adsense: You can apply for google adsense and starting earning via advertisements shown on your blog.

Sponsored Posts: After working hard on your blog, it will definitely gain good Authority so, other bloggers will connect with you and pay you for posting there articles on your blog with a link back to there website.

Depending on your niche, traffic and authority of blog you may get $5-$20 per post. So you can easily earn $100 a month.

Affiliate Marketing: Promoting products of different brands and everytime someone buy a product from your unique link you will get some commission.

It will take time to rank your keywords on the web, But at the end it will worth your time.

Thanks for reading, feel free to ask any other question in the comments section.

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