IDAN: This is The Real Meaning of The Trending Nigerian Slang “Idan”

We have finally found the root of Idan.

You must have heard about the viral ‘Idan’ slang and you’re probably wondering who Idan is or what it stands for.


Many Nigerian youths have even nicknamed themselves ‘Idan’. Some said ‘Idan no dey fear’.

Meaning of trending Nigerian slang Idan

If you are a frequent user of Nigerian social media or have been keeping up with the happenings on the street, you may have noticed a new buzzword that has been making the rounds – ‘Idan’. This word has been consistently used by netizens and individuals in recent times.

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For those who are curious about the meaning of this slang, you have come to the right place. The origin of the word ‘Idan’ can be traced back to the Yoruba language which is one of the three most commonly spoken languages in Nigeria. Directly translated, it means ‘magic’.

New slang Idan

On the streets and on social media, ‘Idan’ has been used colloquially to mean “Boss”. It is used to refer to someone who is held in high esteem and regarded as having attributes such as power, wealth, influence, and more. It is often synonymous with words like strength, influence, and power.

What is Idan!

The cultural and social influence of ‘Idan’ is also worth noting. It is being utilized by individuals to show their respect and admiration for people they hold in high regard.

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Netizens have been spotted using it under comment sections to cheer on their idols.

The slang Idan has continued to enjoy massive social media attention. Since its inclusion in the vocabulary of numerous netizens, curious minds have begun to seek more information about the street slang that has become a favorite amongst many.

Idan gangan

Idan began garnering massive traction a few days ago after a Twitter user published a thread recounting how president-elect Tinubu offered to help African Action Congress (AAC) presidential candidate Omoyele Sowore through an intermediary, an offer that he reportedly declined.

Who is oba Idan

Sowore’s choice to shun Tinubu’s offer of help and then proceed to run for the same office as Tinubu, even though he lost, earned him some degree of reverence by this author who also referred to him as ‘Idan” in his thread signifying a person who achieves a difficult feat.

Idan no de carry last

It should also be noted that this term is pregnant with meaning that largely depends on the context in which it’s used. For this piece, we will be looking into the contextual meaning of this word as street slang.

Here are things you didn’t know about the street slang ‘Idan.’

  •  The word Idan is a dialectal word that originated from the Yoruba-speaking people of Nigeria.
  •  Idan, as slang, is loosely translated to mean deal or to deal. (Secret or underhanded dealings). Conversations, where this slang is used, allude to some form of secrecy and illegalities currently in motion.
  • This slang also affirms that a person is street-smart. Although oftentimes a sketchy character, such a person is believed to possess excellent mental agility and prowess, making impossible situations possible.
  •  Idan, if used as a noun, refers to a person who is highly revered and considered a ‘DON, godfather, or bad(dest) guy.
  • While many believe the slang to mean magic, which in actual sense does (Illusion), Idan as a street slang, seeks to use logic and rationality over supernatural forces as in the case of magic.

How often can one use the term in phrases or sentences?

  • OBA IDAN:- Smart person
  • ONI DAN:- Illusionist
  • Mofe pa IDAN:- I want to make the impossible possible.

It is important to state that, Idan holds within it positive and negative connotations, it is all about context. Therefore, understanding what context idan is used is crucial to knowing the message passed.

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Below are the five things to know about ‘Idan’

  1. It is a Yoruba word that is used for the expression of something wonderful and charming.

  2. A faster way of giving accolades for someone’s good performance.

  3. It is mostly used by the Yoruba people in Nigeria.

  4. It can be used for both positive and negative perspectives.

  5. According to social media usage, Idan may refer to a “boss” or someone with peculiar abilities.

Idan meaning

Examples of how ‘Idan’ has been used on social media.

Oba Idan

Aliko Dangote is a real Idan when it comes to doing business.

Idan withdraws money without joining ATM long queues.

An Idan student doesn’t take notes in class, but gets A’s during exams.

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