I don’t Just Appear In Movies Because I Want To Be Popular- Nollywood Actress

The veteran actress and producer Omoye Arewa popularly known as Mrs Suspense replied fan on her official Facebook page.

So a brother asked this question on my recent post and I want to publicly give it an answer because I know many might have been wondering too.

HIM: Well-done Actress and Producer. Seems you don’t take roles in other films but mostly your films…

MY RESPONSE: I take roles in other films when I’m okay with the role and story line. I don’t just appear in movies because I want to be “popular”. There is a standard I’m setting for myself, God help me.

So yes Fams, of course, I do take roles in other’s projects which I’m sure many of you are aware since you definitely would have seen me playing few scenes in some movies that ain’t mine.

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But the thing is, recently, about a year or so, I decided to change some things in order to achieve that Higher Thing I am aiming at, which I can only achieve with a standard. Therefore, I stopped going to some locations except I’m cool with the job description and story lines. It’s a different thing to be “Known” and another thing to be “Celebrated” everywhere you go.

I’m sure many of us can never compare the likes of Funke Akindele, Toyin Aimaku, Genevieve and few others with some persons. It’s all about “STANDARD” and I will rather do it slowly through my own work and get to the Top to STAY than rush my talent anyhow only to FADE with time.

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If I’m actually desperate to be “there”, of course, I know how to go about it like some of my colleagues.

But For me, my pace is Fine and Steady Does It!

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While I prefer doing my own thing, if I’m noticed by any worthy director/producer for a project, of course I’m all for it, as long as it’s a decent offer. And if not, my personal work alone is fine, after all no man can build a star except God Almighty!

So, if you ain’t seeing me in every movies, this is mostly the reason behind it. My Choice!

Thank You! For the Loyalty and Love, I’m Grateful and will never take it for granted.


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