I Didn’t Know She Has 3 Kids Until I Discovered on Our Wedding Day

True Life Story

I didn’t know she had three kids with another man until our wedding day. Please help, I need advice, I am a very confused man, I don’t know what to do in this situation. Man cry out.

There is this girl I met in Lagos she help me to get an accommodation in Lagos, from there we started dating. I Asked her to marry me and I will be glad if she can be the mother of my children. Later she got pregnant for me and she started disturbing me about marriage rights.

On our wedding day I discovered that she has 3 children for one man.
I have asked her several times even before she got pregnant she kept saying no.

A day before the wedding, one of my uncle called me and tell me that one babalawo (Priest) said that the woman I want to marry has 3 kids already.

All that day I wasn’t myself, I woke her up at midnight and forced the truth out of her.

She admitted and start begging me to forgive her, she said she has been looking for the best time to tell me. All this are happening on our wedding day. She beg me not to tell anyone that it can be secrets between me and her alone, I insisted that I must tell my people from my State Enugu to Lagos.

My people discouraged me and said I should thank God for revealing this early. That’s how I cancelled the church wedding.

  • Court marriage 30th September
  • Church wedding 2nd October

But Before that wedding day, we did court marriage, I told her that I don’t want to do court marriage because if she cheat on me I will divorce her and loose half of my money, she got angry.

The first day we didn’t talk, even the 2nd day, then 3rd day she started packing her loads, I beg her to stay that we have few days to church wedding, she insisted that If I don’t do the court that I should cancel the church wedding that she can’t trust me without court marriage

We did the court marriage, without my parents consent cuz it didn’t come from my heart, her junior brother was the one that signed for me in the court.

I don’t know what to do in this situation…

Her first son is 13 years
2nd son 8 years
3rd girl 6 years

And now she is pregnant for me.

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I am 30 years while I don’t know her real age, we have lived together for 8 months before I could discover this and during this period we have been together.

She controls me a lots and that makes me feel so sad. She use to shout at me too and even if she ask me to do something for her and I refuse it becomes problem in the house

Please what do I do?

My dear readers both home and abroad, the victim is always online to read your responses. what is your advice?

Reactions from Nigerians:

Sorry for your life. You are still looking for advice? I hate negativity.

I’m sorry to say this but I have tried so hard not to but i literally feel sick if I attempt not to say this but sir you are a big fool! On behalf of men and other reasonable people we are disappointed in you. I mean what kind of a low self esteem idiot are you? Don’t you have friends?

Divorce and take half. Accept the loss for your foolishness. Its the only way you can ever get sense.

I will tell you the truth and nothing but the truth. But before then, let me recap what you told her when you met intially: I Asked her to marry me and get pregnant for me. This is what you told her, and that is what she did for you.

Now back to what I was saying, I will tell you the truth and nothing but the truth. I won’t lie, ibu onye iberibe. In anything you are doing in this life, try as much as possible make me and you no jam for road abeg. What in the world kind kind question is this?

You have done your court marriage, meaning you are legally married to her, so what else do you want to do? Find a way to enjoy your marriage.

It’s not every divorce that the man losing half of his property, because the content/agreement of a court marriage can be adjusted to suit the couple…

Since you said her junior brother signed it for you, it therefore means that he adjusted the proceedings to favour his sister, because if na the one wey my sister sign, your supposed wife for go prison for 21years…
first go through the proceedings of the agreement and see if there’s a loophole you can exploit…

I’m not a fan of divorce, but Oga kick that woman outta your house, because marriage built on deceit cannot last…

divorce this woman (if you did court wedding) and just be a single dad. If this is true, this woman is a liar and will continue to lie to you. Chai. Wahala be like motorcycle.

Would rather keep my advice to myself. You want a stranger to get pregnant for you without even making any enquiry about her past life.

3 children tan tan… Your muguness is raised to power 15.

When redpill tries to teach u how to treat women, u people think they are fools or angry people. Imagine an old newspaper ordering you around, controlling ur life, yet u went ahead to marry her lol

You think she will change abi…she kon still get 3-pikin..over 3.5 handicapp…and you are asking stupid questions that u don’t know what to do…?…Wake up!

You either live with her and endure the suffering and frustration awaiting u…..or u dissolve that marriage and take care of your pikin and look for fresh blood to take care of u…don’t be a fool.

Congratulations to the new couple in town. There is no turning back, you see those 3 children, you must take care of them, the unborn baby and the mother together. That’s my best advise.

It seems you are a church goer, because you made a silly mistake by asking her to get pregnant before marriage, you met your deceptive type. well if you are afraid of the court or loosing your money or anything if you divorce her nothing of such will happen.

She deceived or can I say she played you like a fool if you have followed the instructions and commandments of God in marriage you wouldn’t have any problem. If you still love her and can contain her excesses you can continue the copulation because seriously you don’t have a marriage according to God’s injunction.

Since she can not terminate the pregnancy even if you tell her…I don’t know what stage of pregnancy she is.. The only solution is to divorce her…it’s left for you to decide when to officially divorce her, either now or till when your child is a bit older.

If the pregnancy can not be terminated….if u can wait till she’s older…you can endure living with her, and acting calm and all..but looking out to search for new woman….woman plenty for outside…

At same time…you need orientation about women..because if not..your next women can take advantage of your mumunity.

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