I Curse The Day I Met Him- MFI Member Cry Out After Being Cheated

My Friends & I is one of the most entertaining and fastest growing group on Facebook.

It’s more likely for people to get engaged in a groups and most of Nigerian Youths have fall victim of being jilted, frauded and hacked.

Today the trending story on MFI I the issue of a lady with the name Adenike Ogundele and Isaac Olamikekan. 

The two victims are long time members of the group and have been having a secret affairs until when their relationship  aggravated to an unexpected dispute.

According to the pioneer/founder of the notable group My Friends & I Popularly known as MFI ;

The lady, Adenike Hikimot said she is in a relationship with Isaac and that she borrowed him 50k to support his house rent when he demanded for 120k.

She visited Isaac three days ago with the intention of staying for sometimes because she was looking for a job around the vicinity. But instead for Isaac to accommodate her, he was trying to send her away claiming that he had seen someone else in the same group MFI that is very serious and responsible to marry.

Reason why she went to pick those items worth of her money..

The lady said she doesn’t know or dating anybody else in the group except Isaac.

I contacted Jeremiah, the guy living in the same compound with Isaac who told us that Isaac was dating the lady. The guy denied that he is not the one involved.

Jeremiah said he normally see the lady anytime she visited Isaac. The guy even told me he was the one who opened gate for the babe, that he was not aware of what happened between them.

Investigation still going on….
We shall publish all story and we wouldn’t take side…

Latter in the evening

The lady in question Adenike Ogundele posted on the page

Isaac Olamilekan Sobanjo MFI Adenike Ogundele MFI

I (Hadenike Nikki Bee Ogundele) met him on this platform and i curse the day I met him. We were dating each other and I use to go to his house. Some times I spends the weekend in his house.

His house is at new garage Ibadan behind Taska Fueling station. His name is Isaac Olamilekan Sonbanjo. We date to the extent of getting pregnant for him and he said he was not much ok to bear the cost as a father.

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We finally decided to abort the baby and I gave hime the sum of 60 thousand naira (60k) for his rent. There are so many things that I don’t want to reveal here. And he said he helped me.

He is a lair a real scam, I think he would be a good mentor to me not knowing that he is just looking for something el itse.

Reactions from other members of the group

Ayodeji O’fela

This is nothing but a watery and weightless explanation. Just listen to yourself aunty. You caused all this shit and brought all the shame on yourself.

You sold your dignity and womanhood respect so cheap like free Lagos State Covid 19 cup of expired rice. You forced yourself on him by forcing him to love you.

You want to buy his love by paying 60k and your free to air body all in the name of wife materials.

I don’t have shame and I don’t know how to pretend. You are a lady and you suppose to position your self as a respected being and let him fight for your love.

Some people will say love is strong and anything can happened but that’s a blatant lie. When you don’t love with your brain if you have one, love cannot be stupid.

You have over 60k and you can’t start a business rather turned his house to work office doing 2 weeks non-stop shift.

I’m not a preacher of emotions or sympathy if I see stupidity in display.

Get your sanity back and start all over again because that stupid boy abi man is also a disgrace to brotherhood. He just took advantage of your consciousness and wife material seriousness.

However, if you truly packed all his properties without his consent, you are nothing but a corporate thief. There are 1 million ways to get your 60k back if you truly borrowed him and not a support for you peoples house rent because you are also living there on part time basis.

Go get a new life Aunty Animashaun

Prince Olagunju Oladipupo Dcuteone

Remember everyone that goes into any relationship should also know that it’s 50/50 Chance, it’s a coin And also pleasure.

Princess Olori Olly

Olamilekan Isaac Sobanjo but someone tag u yesteday and u claim you don’tnt knowo her, who is fooling who?

Pls boss man dis case we are not interested make dem pack well….next post please.

Come back for more updates on this case. Thanks for reading.

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