BBNaija: How Whitemoney Won The 90million Prize With Open Strategy

Here are the analyses of the Whitemoney open strategy used in the just concluded reality TV Show Big Brother Naija 2021 Edition. The winner played most of the viewers clean but how did he do it?

Whitemoney Open Strategy

His most obvious strategy he used is common sense.

Whitemoney made himself indispensable to the house being their “Kitchen boss“, this made most of them overlook him initially and he was not nominated for eviction for the first one-two months.

Then the “kitchen issue“.

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What he likely never expected was that the other housemates (except Pere) will fall so easily as well.

Pere and Maria were the only housemates seeing the open strategy, the others were either on WMs side or remained neutral.

He took advantage of it mostly when Pere allegedly intimidated him by knotting his silk-material belt.
White answered Pere’s question normally until after the conversation and then Tega and JMK started talking about it.

Then Whitemoney sensed it was an opportunity to leverage a situation to favour him, strengthening the villain picture 90% of the housemates were already forming in their minds. He did that by forcing a kind of Tacha vs Mercy, Erica vs Laycon situation.

Ebuka asked him on the following eviction night why he Whitemoney didnt react immediately but much later after Pere had left the scene and the girls were talking about it. He couldnt answer clearly.

The Smart guy has seen opportunity to play the “underdog” card and feed the emotions of Nigerian youths.

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Some of the Nigerian politicians used similar strategy in 2015.

Unfortunately for Pere, he was caught way too deep and didnt have any real connection with any other housemate as at then aside Maria and maybe Saga.

It was several weeks after that Pere bonded with Micheal, Boma, Cross, Liquorose, Yousef and this final week that he and Angel just bonded in that secret room.

So it was easy for Whitemoney to paint Pere as the villain when in reality both are just “chess-players“.

Also most of the housemates were not really so determined to win the game, many just wanted to stay long enough to be famous and maybe win some tasks. Winning the game was a bonus; many of them even said it themselves. e.g Angel, Micheal.

That is why it took them a while to figure out Whitemoney’s strategy and didnt mind giving him the freedom to strategise with their biological need. They were too lazy to care till it was too late and Mahzi had already gotten his fans (in the first month).

Even Micheal, Yousef etc later admitted to Whitemoney strategy and that Pere was right in their first interview with Ebuka after they got evicted.

JMK said something like “they already know the winner” too when she was leaving the house, but later tried to play smart saying, she didnt mean it like that.

Maria was the other person that knew Whitemoney strategy because of how close she was with Pere and they constantly discussed every Housemates’ strategy like ‘House of Cards‘ couple which in reality is the game, not just forcing sexual stuff.

Hence. why Pere was touted as “BBA Material“.

That night White was blowing hot, Maria wasnt pissed with Pere for being a villain, like the others were, she was disappointed in him because he let Whitemoney use him to play that pity card– which got him most of his fans especially with all other housemates on his side this time.

That was the night Whitemoney won BBN Season6, NOT October 3rd. And for all his smartness to discern his strategy early, Pere literally handed him the win without realising it then.

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All in all, it was a nice game played by both Whitemoney , Pere and may be Maria. I just wish the other HMs were into the game and winning as much as them, instead of begging for fans through forced sexual/courtship content alone.

BBA and the first two BBN used to be like watching low budget Game of Thrones but now BBN has been dominated by sexual content or at best a talent show.

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