How to Perform GT Bank Cardless Withdrawal

Easy transaction, Simple ways of operating/doing things has been the biggest invention of this century, Cardless Withdrawal is a mobile money application that enables clients to use an ATM withdrawal slot without an ATM card. This was recently released to the banking community by Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB).

For those who don’t know about GTbank, I will say brief information about it. Gtbank means Guarantee Trust Bank. It is known to be one of the biggest banks in Nigeria, which has approximately 1million clients in 231 branches around the nation.

Which also operates in several other African countries, including Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda and many more.

How To Initiate Cardless Withdrawal

The program is easy to use and provides you the freedom to access your money without using an ATM card or going to a bank hall. The cardless withdrawal method can be set up and used in one of the following ways which will be listed below:


  • FingerPrint
  • USSD Code
  • Mobile Banking App
  • Internet Banking


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How to Use Your Fingerprint Instead of an ATM Card to Withdraw Money from a GTBank ATM

Customers being able to withdraw money from the bank without taking their ATM with them always or having the fear of not being able to withdraw money because of a lost ATM card is over now with the fingerprint withdrawal method.


Note: Only those who have an account with GTBank can use this method. Because it only functions on GTBank ATMs.


  • Select Enter button on the ATM.
  • Enter your GTbank account linked phone number.
  • Then you will your thumb on the fingerprint slot for at least 15 sec.
  • Then your fingerprint will be confirmed
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw
  • Then click enter and your money will successfully be withdrawn.


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How To Use Ussd Code For Gtbank Cardless Withdrawal


Another way that you can receive your cash conveniently is by using cardless withdrawal using USSD Code.

But you should take note that this service attracts N50 debit from your acct, once the money you withdraw from your account is debited and when you receive an SMS with a 12-digit reference number.

Follow the steps below to proceed with the Ussd code method:

  • Firstly Dial *737#
  • Select the “Cardless withdrawal”.
  • Click the OK button after entering the withdrawal amount.
  • Type the final four digits of your GTbank ATM card here.
  • Go to any ATM of GTbank and press Enter.
  • Select GTMMoney.
  • Enter the 12-digit reference number here
  • Enter the phone number linked with your GTbank account.
  • Insert the amount you want to withdraw
  • The ATM will ask for your four-digit PIN.
  • Select “Withdraw”


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How To Setup GTBANK Card Less Withdrawal Using The Mobile Banking


  • Firstly, you have to download GTbank on Playstore for android phones or Appstore for iPhone then log in your bank details. (username and password).
  • Under “Banking,” choose the Cardless Withdrawal option on Menu.
  • Select the Cash out (GTBank ATM) option or select Cash out (All ATMs & POS).
  • Follow the process and fill out the form.
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN.
  • A reference code will be sent to you through SMS, and you can then proceed to complete your withdrawal.


How to Make a Cash Withdrawal Through GTBank Internet Banking


  • Log in to access the GTBank e-banking page.

  • Select Account Transfers.

  • Go to a GTBank ATM and select Cardless withdrawal (GT-Rescue). Alternatively, choose Paycode (Cardless withdrawal).

  • Fill out the form completely, including the amount and the account you want to withdraw.

  • Answer your secret questions.

  • Enter the token code.

  • A reference code will be sent to you through SMS, and you can then proceed to complete your withdrawal.


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