How To Make Money With The New Energy PTS Project Solar Power Generation

New Energy Project PTS- Solar Power Generation

Solar Power Generation

Here is The Background of the PTS Project Solar Power Generation

Due to the increasing depletion of traditional resources and its inevitable shortcomings, solar energy has shown a very strong development prospect. Countries in the world, especially developed countries with mature technologies and countries rich in solar energy, have included the development and utilization of solar energy.

On the national agenda, and achieved no small achievements. The development and utilization of solar energy technology in the world is still in its infancy, but the development potential of solar energy is obvious to all, and relevant countries in the world have made considerable achievements in solar energy utilization at this stage.

PTS Project Instruction

The purpose of PTS:

Let everyone have access to clean energy, let everyone love the earth and protect our natural environment, and create wealth together with every agent who supports us.

Recruitment of agents for PTS

Recruiting businesses and individuals who want solar power to reach thousands of households. For this purpose, the agency promotion department and the enterprise service department were specially established.

PTS photovoltaic panel agent income:

Once a user leases a PTS photovoltaic panel, he becomes the owner of the machine and can naturally enjoy the power and energy income of the machine.

Photovoltaic panel work and income logic:

Businesses or individuals apply for leasing solar photovoltaic panels from PTS Global and pay the lease fee.

After PTS Corporate Services receives the lease fee and application, PTS will distribute energy to major electricity consumers around the world Regional and major new energy partners, generating revenue.

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The owner will directly receive 50% of the profit generated by the energy output. (Photovoltaic panels come in several types depending on their energy efficiency) You need to manually collect profits every 24 hours.

The agency’s promotion commission. As a PTS photovoltaic panel agent, you will receive a corresponding commission for each photovoltaic panel sold.

  1. First-level subordinates will receive 10% promotion commission, and
  2. second-level subordinates will receive 3% promotion commission.
  3. The third-level subordinates will receive a 1% promotion commission.

Rental Rules:

Select the corresponding equipment for leasing. The leasing will take effect in 3-5 minutes. After the leasing takes effect, the system starts to calculate the income.

The equipment income will be refreshed every 24 hours, please enter the “My Equipment” interface in time to receive it. The time will be recalculated after collection.

The minimum fee for renting equipment per user is 20TRX, and the minimum withdrawal fee is 30TRX.

Commission Rules:

Users who lease 20TRX photovoltaic panels can only withdraw the income generated by the photovoltaic panels. Invitation commissions cannot be withdrawn. Invitation commissions can be used to lease equipment.

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When you have 90TRX photovoltaic panels, you can get the promotion qualification, and then you can withdraw the commission earned by inviting subordinate users.

If your first-level subordinate members rent 90TRX photovoltaic panels or more advanced photovoltaic panels. You will get 10% commission. Your second-level subordinate users will bring you a 3% commission for renting 90TRX photovoltaic panels or higher-level photovoltaic panels.

(Subordinate users who only rent 20TRX photovoltaic panels will not be able to withdraw the commission.

You need your subordinates to rent 90TRX photovoltaic panels before they can withdraw.)

(20TRX and 90TRX equipment can only be rented once per account)

The salary received by the platform’s daily check-in will be included in your total balance (not the available balance), and you can only use and withdraw the daily check-in money if you reach the promotion manager level
The withdrawal of all users will be automatically credited to the account after the system is reviewed, and promotion managers and higher-level agents are eligible for quick withdrawals.

Withdrawals below 50000TRX will automatically arrive at your designated wallet within 24 hours.
Non-dealer withdrawals exceed 50,000TRX, and the withdrawals will arrive at your designated wallet within 24 hours to 48 hours.

Withdrawal time: 11:00-24:00 (Singapore time)

How To Register


You can sign in daily to get 1trx
Go to my account and click on sign in

Withdrawal without deposit yet to be confirmed

  • Rent 20trx equipment and make 9.90trx interest per day for 3days

Total return in 3days is 29.7Trx

  • Rent 90trx for 7days and make interest of 16trx per day.

Total return is 112trx

  • Rent 210trx equipment and make interest of 20trx per day for 15days

Total return in 15days is 300Trx

Minimum withdrawal is 30Trx.

How to earn Free TRX Daily

Free TRX Daily on Solar Power Generation

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