How to Make Money Trading Foreign Currency With Arbyvest Technology

ARBYVEST is the foremost Foreign Currency private trading platform based in South Africa.

Arbyvest exchange

Uniqueness of Arbyvest as a platform allows members to buy USD, and GBP at our South Africa e-wallet platform rates and sell at the local black market rates either in South Africa Rand or in Nigerian Naira on our platform.


ARBYVEST Foreign Currency Trading is the foremost private currency trading
platform in South Africa.

Our uniqueness as a platform allows members to buy USD, and GBP at our South Africa e-wallet platform rates and sell at the local black-market rates either in South Africa Rand or in Nigerian Naira on our platform.

ARBYVEST Foreign Currency Trading business is a business that involves buying a foreign currency that you will eventually sell for profit.

With ARBYVEST Foreign Currency Trading, you can do this by buying USD or GBP at standard market rates and selling it at black market rates, all on the ARBYVEST Foreign Currency Trading
market place platform, in Nigerian Naira or South Africa Rand.

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We can now explain what Arbitrage is, as a kind of business to leverage with.

ARBITRAGE is the direct purchase and sale of the same currency amount in
different currency markets by a person.

This is to ensure that the user profits from market differences in the currency’s
market price.

Arbitrage means taking advantage of price differences across markets to make a buck if a currency, commodity, or security or even a rare pair of sneakers is priced differently in two separate markets, traders buy the cheaper.

Arbyvest Foreign Exchange

People buy in cheaper version and then sell it at the higher price to make money.

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This means that an arbitrage business trader enjoys compounded profits from
different markets’ currencies, prices and as well as profits by purchasing and selling identical currency in different markets at different market prices.

Let us take for instance,


Market 1 and market 2 sell $1
at ₦540 and ₦600 respectively.

Let’s assume, you, let’s call you James, an arbitrage business trader would take
advantage of this little difference in the price of $1, in CURRENCY MARKET 1 and 2.

You purchase from CURRENCY MARKET 1 at the rate of ₦540 per dollar and sell at
CURRENCY MARKET 2 at the rate of ₦600 per dollar.

Therefore, this trader gains ₦60 on each dollar he buys at CURRENCY MARKET 1
and sells at CURRENCY MARKET 2.

Let’s assume that James purchases $2,000 in CURRENCY MARKET 1 at ₦1,080,000 (i.e., $2000 x 540) and sold it all in CURRENCY MARKET 2 at ₦1,200,00 (i.e., $2000x ₦600) then he gained ₦120,000.

This shows that the little price difference between CURRENCY MARKET 1 and 2 can be leveraged and compounded into bigger profit by just carrying out a simple
operation which is termed, defined, and called an arbitrage business.

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Do you understand now?
Now let’s move on…

Now that we understand the simple definition of what ARBITRAGE Business is.

Let’s proceed to understand how it works and how you can leverage, and profit from it.


There are 2 basic ways to operate and achieve success with ARBITRAGE BUSINESS

  1. The very first, difficult way is by looking for CURRENCY MARKETS on google
    that you can take advantage of their price for you to purchase their CURRENCY and then sell it with your BANK Account.

This tedious and rigorous process can define a profit margin that is lower than your expectation.

  1. The very best and recommended way is by taking advantage of this pound
    dollar & pounds trading platform and using their platform to trade your
    arbitrage business.

Arbyvest technology

The name of this platform is called ARBYVEST.COM

ARBYVEST.COM – ARBYVEST TECHNOLOGY (Arbitrage Business Platform) will do all the field, rigorous, and hard work for you in sourcing the currency and selling it with South African Black Market racketeers.

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How Does ARBYVEST source for foreign
currencies such as Dollars and Pounds at a cheaper rate?

With our sourcing office in the South
African major financial district at Sandton, Johannesburg.

We have major racketeers who are experts, and major dealers in getting Dollars, Pounds, Euros, and other currencies at the best rate, at an official price that can be traded in other local countries’ currencies.

ARBYVEST experts get the foreign currency to be traded and sell it for Medical purposes.

For customers who want to use these funds abroad, for financing their education purposes, purchase items from abroad using our sourced best-rate currency, or whatever purposes customers need them for.

Due to the current economic market prices, ARBYVEST has come together to team up with other financial foreign currency dealers to ensure that the flow of these foreign currencies is traded and leveraged for profit making.

ARYVEST sources for South Africa e-wallet Racketeers for Foreign Currencies at an official rate from the following:

Arbyvest Racketeers

  • 1. Foreign Currency Cash Racketeers –40%
  • 2. Bulk Foreign Currency Hoarders – 30%
  • 3. South African Forex Traders Association – 15%
  • 4. Forex In-house Traders – 15%


In simple terms. YES. Completely Legal and legitimate.

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Arbitrage business is 100% legal and to buttress our explanation with this regard,
ARBITRAGE BUSINESS is encouraged in many developed countries such as the
United States of America and other countries.

This is because the arbitrage
business contributes to market movements and interprets the currency flow of the markets.

Traders always take advantage of the differences all the time.

Let’s go straight to profiting from ARBITRAGE BUSINESS with ARBYVEST…

Are you ready?

Ok, let’s dive in…

How to Get Started with ARBYVEST

Now that we’ve got a glimpse of what ARBYVEST – Arbyvest Technology – is all about.
Let us get started on how you can get to begin your very first trade with arbyvest.

Getting started with ARBYVEST. You need to understand that ARBYVEST allows
her registered and verified users to buy USD or GBP at the official rate using the
above-explained sourcing methods.

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Members that wish to register with ARBYVEST need to get registered and verify their account with ARBYVEST first.

Members can purchase the currencies such as USD and GBP at official rates from only approved ARBYVEST CURRENCY AGENTS and sell at the black-market rate (usually a higher rate).

All these transactions (i.e., buying at a low rate and selling at a high rate in different markets) will be done on the ARBYVEST secured trading platform as earlier explained. 


ARBYVEST will help you professionally and securely handle the trouble of
finding where to buy and sell your foreign and your local currencies.

ARBYVEST verified members can purchase DOLLAR & POUNDS on the
platform instantly at official rates using the sourcing avenue as explained

ARBYVEST will handle the arbitrage process within 7 to 15 days, and users
will get the black-market value after a successful sale to their RAND or
NAIRA Wallet which is automatically sent to their BANK Accounts.

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Verified ARBYVEST CURRENCY AGENTS get the dollar, and pounds at a
cheaper rate directly from ARBYVEST TECHNOLOGY.

ARBYVEST CURRENCY AGENTS make a stunning 8% profit margin from
every DOLLAR or POUND resold to their prospects and to the public.

ARBYVEST Referral Earnings for members who refer members to the
ARBYVEST platforms make 5% on first-time funding via CURRENCY AGENTS
or an Online Payment gateway instantly.

ARBYVEST withdrawal payout is automatic as there is no third-party
processing platform to delay payouts. Which means PAYOUTS are instant.

ARBYVEST currency trading platform allows verified members to sell to
arbitrage rates. Members will then resell it at black-market rates, which are
surely higher than the official rate.

Please be informed that after a very successful currency trading the user gets a reasonable profit from it.

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This profit is automatically processed and sent to the user’s local bank account in South African Rand or Nigerian Naira using the bank details on the user’s verified account on their profile.

WITHDRAWALS are only open every Wednesday (7 AM TO 9 AM) with a 10%
operation and service maintenance fee.

In addition, REFERRAL EARNINGS RAND/ NAIRA WITHDRAWALS are usually open, every SUNDAYS (7 AM to 9 AM) with a 3% operation and service maintenance fee.

All WITHDRAWALS are automatically processed to the user’s Bank on their profile within a few hours.

ARBYVEST as a Business – The Guide and Illustrations

Let’s understand the process by which you as a user can make sales and profit with ARBYVEST.

To further understand how ARBYVEST work, let us consider the below

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Jacob, a registered ARBYVEST user, wants to obtain $500 from the ARBYVEST
platform at the official rate (usually a lower rate) from ARBYVEST so that he can sell at the black-market (LOCAL RATE) (usually a higher rate) and make a profit thereafter which is the sole aim.

To achieve this — he (Jacob) needs to verify his account by uploading any of the
required identification on the ARBYVEST Platform with his official and valid

After successful verification, he may contact a verified ARBYVEST CURRENCY


Verified arbyvest agent

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