How To Make Money In Nigeria Via Wowapp- Legit Source

What is Wowapp?

Wowapp is just a social media like Facebook watsapp and so on but wowapp it is different because wowapp shares 70% of their earnings to all its users each so that they can cash out for themselves or do good for the world by using the app.

How Does It Works

Wowapp is not a gambling application is another form of social media that gives you 8 deep network and 8 different ways you earned coins

  • Chat and news
  • Games
  • Calls
  • Shopping
  • Smart slide
  • Instant earnings
  • Computer and web
  • Flipkart.

Your focus as a wowapp members is to build a solid network and earned till infinity.

How To Earn On Wowapp

Now to earn on this platform, we have so many ways to earn on this platform
Like, chatting, playing games reading news, making both Video and audio calls for free. If you do all these you will get your coins after 24 hours…

Infact anything you do on this app you will get your real earn………….

Click here to register and start earning now

How To Download Wowapp

Go to Google Play store to download Wowapp

After downloading the app on your phone, copy this link or come back here to click on this link

Click here to join wowapp

The link will direct you to the registration board. After registration then you start earning instantly.

Open the page and click on earning scroll down you will see Instant earn click on it   you will see Videos. Watch videos in to places, code orange and code blue if you watch them you will get your coins Instantly.

Wowapp Fyber

Fyber also you have to download the game but you have to play to the required level on the task before you can be rewarded.

Wowapp Applizo

Applizo you have to follow instructions on each task before you can get rewarded

Wowapp Survey

Surveys are from companies that need our opinion so if you get the answers correctly you will be rewarded Instantly.
Awesome cash back from booking anything you purchase online you get cash back.

Offline Call

You can make offline call by turning your coins to wowcredit if you make calls you get cash back from whatever calls you make International or local call.

Network in Wowapp

Most importantly grow your network by Inviting friends with your personal link the more active members you have in your network the more you earn as a new member focus on team building don’t look at your earnings.

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Some of my colleagues were laughing at me scornfully at work today because they strongly believe wowapp is a scam and that the coins are too scanty and they even think i have neve mr gain anything from here before they realized I have withdrawn over 30 dollars here and over 20 dollars to be withdrawn.

Nothing is better than having fun with friends and been paid for it. If you see something that is good ehh, support and promote it with all you gat. Never in human history has there ever been a messaging app that shares her revenues with the users when they interact.

And I ask them have you ever withdrawn 1 dollar from watsap and Facebook for subscription?

And as my level one downline increase and my network as a whole increased I know and strongly believe that 100 dollars will be my daily cashout.

It is very important to grow your network by inviting all your family and friends to wowapp now because a time will come that you don’t need to work and you will be earning on the platform doing nothing.

You Can Join Using Nairablink Link Below:

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