How To Get Free Dogecoin Directly & 100% of Referrals Activity Earnings

Free Dogecoin Faucet; Get free dogecoin directly & 100% of referrals activity

Free DogeCoin is a dogecoin faucet that gives a random amount up to 10 Dogecoin to all visitors. You can earn this free Dogecoin every 60 minutes with a simple click. Also you will earn the same amount that anyone with your referral link earns.

You will find your referral link in the top table with which you can refer your friends or colleagues to participate in FreeDogecoin.

How To Get Free Dogecoin

To get started, You need to enter your Dogecoin address in the top table and click “Submit” button. Then registration form pops up and you need to enter your email and choose a password and submit.
In your first login, You will be asked to verify your email. If you didn’t get the verification email in your inbox, then check your SPAM folder and find the verification email and click on “Report Not Spam” then click on the verification link.

Click Here To Register

To find the spam folder in gmail, in the left menu that contains inbox, scroll to the bottom and click more. Then spam folder appears in the menu.

Then you will see your referral link and your free dogecoin balance. In the bottom of the table you can simply fill in security code and click “Submit Request” to earn Dogecoin. You can earn Dogecoin every 60 minutes at the moment. Also you can share your referral link and anytime a person with your referral link earns Dogecoin, you will earn the same amount.

How To Withdraw Your Free DogeCoin

To withdraw your free dogecoin, click on “withdraw Dogecoin” and enter your desired amount and fill in security code and click “Submit withdrawal”. if everything goes right you will see your tx hash and you can check your wallet.

How To Change Password or Log Out From The Page

You can see account information, change email, change password and log out from this top menu

How Much Dogecoin Do I Earn From My Referrals?

At the moment you earn 100% from your referrals activity. It means any amount that a person registered with your referral link earns, you earn the same amount instantly.
If someone is earning but it is not reflected in our account immediately, it means that person is not your referral and probably they have changed your referral link before registration.

How Much is The Minimum Required Balance to Withdraw?

For 1-st withdrawal you need a balance of at least 2 dogecoin

For 2-nd withdrawal you need a balance of at least 3 dogecoin

For 3-rd withdrawal you need a balance of at least 4 dogecoin
And so on.

“Max Available Amount For Withdrawal” option in your account is the amount that you can withdraw and it should be more then 1 dogecoin.

How Long Does it Takes For a Withdrawals To Drop?

We normally send withdrawals within 10 to 20 minutes. You can find transaction hash from withdrawal history and check the validity of hash from dogecoin explorers. The rest depends on your wallet and if you need any help with that, contact your wallet support or read their help section.

Why My Account is Blocked?

  • Accounts get blocked as a result of:
    Using bots or scripts
  • Using a faulty browser
  • Creating more than one account
  • Entering wrong captcha for several times

Depends on the severity of security alert, blocking time may vary from 3 days to infinity.

How to Change DogeCoin Address in My Account?

It is not possible to change address in free dogecoin accounts.

How Much is DogeCoin Price?

You can track live dogecoin price from this chart:
Also you can track the current rate of dogecoin to other coins from our exchange section:
If you have further questions you can join free dogecoin telegram group and ask your questions:

Free DogeCoin Telegram Channel

How it works in summary:

1️⃣Go to your trust wallet or Binance and find a coin called dogecoin and open it and make a copy of its address.

2️⃣Open this link:
You will immediately see this box that says enter your dogecoin address and enter your address from the trust wallet.

3️⃣At once they ask you for an email and a password you enter it and it is over.

4️⃣The rest is up to you to give you this box with the security code in it and put the words you see on top of it and give you these coins every hour.

When you complete 0.02 you are allowed to withdraw it and it will immediately go to your trust wallet account or Binance.

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