How to Get Airtel Data Subscription and Browse Free in 2021

Airtel is perhaps the biggest media transmission specialist organizations in Nigeria. It is well known in light of the fact that it has countless appealing levy plans with internet providers for its clients. In This article you will discover how to purchase an Airtel data subscription as I have explained how to make money with MTN data in the previous post.

Airtel Data Plan Codes

Airtel has DATA Plans custom-made to various group of people. These plans include:

Airtel Data 100 Naira Data Plan

Airtel offers 75MB of information substantial for 24 hours for 100 Naira in particular, the code to buy this plan is *141*100#

This arrangement is essentially for doing significant things online when you need more cash to purchase a big data plan or for testing the network to conclude if to purchase a big data or not.

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Airtel Data 200 Naira Data Plan

Airtel’s 200MB data plan costs 200 Naira and is substantial for 3 days, the code is *141*200#

For 300 Naira, you can get 350MB data plan for 7 days, to buy in, dial *141*300#

These plans are successful when you need to utilize data for a couple of days for fundamental browsing, it isn’t appropriate for Android cell phones and iPhones as they devour a great deal of information rapidly, it is more fit to essential web empowered telephones with the exception of you need to utilize the data for a brief time frame.

Airtel Data 500 Naira Data Plan

With 500 Naira, Airtel will give you 750MB information substantial for 14 days, accessible day in and day out, to buy this dial *141*500#

This arrangement is adequate for normal information clients who don’t utilize data concentrated applications like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, it can last the entire 14 days on the off chance that you don’t utilize it too oftentimes.

Airtel 1000 Naira 1GB Data Plan

Airtel offers 1.5GB data olan for 1,000 Naira substantial for 30 days, accessible day in and day out, to buy this dial *141*1000#

This data pack is ideal for light information cell phone clients, it is reasonable for perusing, downloading little documents and normal online media use, utilizing it regularly will make it run out before 30 days.

Airtel Data Plan Unlimited

Airtel has suspended their limitless data plans for the time being, we will keep you updated if this changes.

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Other Airtel Data Subscription Plans

For 2,000 Naira, you can get 4.5GB information substantial for 30 days, to buy in dial *141*2000#.

The 6GB data plan costs 2,500 Naira and its for 30 days, accessible consistently. To buy in, dial *141*2500#

To get 8GB data on Airtel, it will cost you 3,000 Naira and it is substantial for 30 days, the membership code is *141*3000#.

11GB data costs 4,000 Naira and is likewise substantial for 30 days, dial *141*4000# to buy in.

To get 3GB data for 1,500 substantial for 30 days, dial *141*1500#

Airtel Offers Mega Data plans, For Example:

Mega 5: This arrangement offers 15GB data at 5,000 Naira substantial for 30days, to buy in dial *141*5000#

Mega 10: You can get 40GB data for 10,000 Naira legitimate for 30 days with this arrangement, dial *141*10000# to buy in.

Mega 15: This arrangement offers 75GB data for 15,000 Naira legitimate for 30 days, dial *141*15000# to buy in.

Mega 20: This offers 110GB data for 20,000 Naira legitimate for 30 days, dial *141*20000# to buy in.

Airtel Likewise Offers Exceptional Plans, For Example:

Airtel Whatsapp Plan: This plan permits clients to utilize just Whatsapp, it costs 25 Naira and is substantial for 1 day, to buy in, dial *948*4#

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To check your data balance on Airtel, dial *140#

The data plan you should purchase ought to be founded on your data needs, in the event that you need to utilize data only a single time or twice for something earnest on the web, you can purchase the 100, 200 and 300 Naira data plans.

Assuming you need information that can keep going for a very long time for perusing, normal online media use and few downloads, purchase the 500 Naira plan.

The 1,000 Naira and 2,000 Naira data plans are appropriate assuming you need data that will last an entire month.

In case you are a normal data client yet assuming you need to download huge documents, transfer recordings, utilize online media applications, for example, Instagram, Snapchat and others frequently, you need to purchase a 5GB mega data plan for a month so you don’t spend seriously purchasing two separate plans in a single month.

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For web based gamer, little and medium entrepreneurs and individuals who utilize enormous data, the limitless plans and Mega plans are great.

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