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Who We Are

Transocean focuses on global offshore drilling business a technically demanding field with a particular focus on deep water and harsh environment drilling services and operates the world’s highest specification floating offshore drilling fleet.

Transocean Ltd. was formerly known as Southern Gas Company in Birmingham, Alabama in 1953. The established offshore company was renamed in 1996 through several mergers, acquisitions and expansions, and in 2008 it was headquartered in Switzerland.

Transocean is a leading international provider of offshore contract drilling services for oil and gas wells. Work for Switzerland, USA, Brazil, Cayman Islands, India,Netherlands, Norway and other countries. Our total operating income in 2021 will be $2.556 billion, our main projects are ultra-deep water buoys and Harsh Environment Floaters.

Europe is experiencing an energy crisis due to the ongoing problems in Ukraine. Sanctions limit not only gas supply, but also oil supply.In this context, the EU urgently needs to find alternative sources of goods. We expect the North Sea market to be completely sold out by 2024, which is also a sign of strong demand.

Since the establishment of Transocean, all projects have been operating well under the verification of decades. We decided to invest in subsea mineral exploration to support renewable energy supply chain projects and to do this we purchased a minority stake in Ocean Minerals Ltd. It is well known that offshore projects are more expensive than onshore projects and usually require a development cycle of several years, so we are now Facing the society, aggregate social financing.

Through cooperation with various countries, we generate corresponding revenue from the sale of oil, gas and renewable energy metals. At the same time, we will also reward our investors with decent returns.

For more information on project offerings, check out “What Can You Do” below.Transocean is committed to providing an investment platform for all,In mutually beneficial projects, We want to provide investors with stable and sustainable economic benefits

What Can You Do

A. Invest to Earn

Earn huge ROI at your fingertips! Select any product you want to buy on the homepage, then wait for its rebate at 12 noon every day, and withdraw at any time when the above time is reached.

Risk Disclosure Agreement

Yes, Transocean’s ROI is huge, but that doesn’t mean it’s impractical. Most people have little exposure to the energy needs of this industry and today’s society,But the truth is, this will be your best investment of 2022.

The greatest compliment we can get is when you tell your friends. To help spread the word, we’ve just launched our referral program to show our appreciation to those who help us promote.

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2.Get 4% commission of Level 2 when your friends A refer others B to buy products on Transocean , you will earn 4% of B’s Payment amount.

3.Get 1% commission of Level 3. Again, when B refers to C to buy products on Transocean, you will earn 1% of C’s Payment amount.

In conclusion, to me this kind of a site base on my precious experience, this kind of a site don’t last longer than 2 weeks to a month. That’s my personal review. If you find it interesting you can invest but not advisable.

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