How To Earn Daily Income With These 4 Home Base Snacks as a Student

Here are the list of four simple home-made snacks petty business ideas you can start as a student preferably.


The sales of popcorn has become a popular business across the country over the recent years.

It’s so portable that you can set it up in a small space, though it’s quite expensive to set up, after starting, you could earn up to 3000 naira daily on the business, depending on your location.

All you need is a popcorn machine, a show-glass, and some popcorns to get started.

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Cookies are delicious snacks that is a bridge between biscuits and cakes.

This is made from flour and it can be baked into any desired shape. There are a lot of video tutorials on YouTube that will teach you the best way to make awesome cookies at home.

If your cookies are very delicious, Nobody will be able to resist buying one for lunch.

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Potato/plantain chips

Chips are popular snacks in Nigeria, especially for travellers and students.

They are not too difficult to prepare. Just get bunches of unripe plantain, sweet potatoes, groundnuts oil and your frying kit, then you’re good to go in making your money.

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Toasted bread (Sandwich)

This is not too common as a business in the country, which results to low competition in the business.

Making sandwiches for sale is very cheap to start up, and it can generate a lot of profits. It is very easy to make as it only requires a bread toaster, sliced breads, sauce, eggs and mayonnaise/margarine as ingredients.

It is usually eaten as breakfast with beverages or as lunch with soft drinks. It’s so profitable as you could actually sell one for up to #100 naira.

There are many other businesses you can venture into to earn a living without waiting for government to get you a job.

With #20,000 you can start up any of the above business ideas successfully and make your daily Income. Don’t be a lazy Youth.

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