How To Earn Daily From Online Revenue Platform

You are welcome to Online Revenue another way of making huge amount of money online but just for little period of time.

I introduced a platform last week Gold Digger which is still paying faster just like the e-commerce and trust me Online Revenue will get you that urgent 2k if you can join as early as possible.

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I cant really tell you if a platform is scam or legit. Any platform that pays you and fetch you more than your capital is not a scam and I think the best way to avoid been scam is to join and don’t invite people too much. Don’t invest what you can not afford to lose.

Order-grabbing Rules on Online Revenue

Experience VIP: complete free tasks, 10 orders per day, total commission 5%

One-star VIP: Need to pay a deposit of 10000 Naira to unlock, perform 11 tasks every day, and charge 6.6% commission

Two-star VIP: Need to pay a deposit of 80,000 Naira to unlock, perform 12 tasks every day, and get 8.4% commission

Samsung VIP: Need to pay 500,000 naira deposit to unlock, perform 13 tasks every day, get 10.04% commission

Four-star VIP: Need to pay a deposit of 2,000,000 Naira to unlock, perform 14 tasks every day and get 11.7% commission

Five-star VIP: Need to pay a deposit of 5,000,000 Naira to unlock, perform 15 tasks every day, and get 15% commission

How To Earn Without Investment

In order to familiarize new members with the business process, new members will receive 3000 Naira experience gold coins after joining the platform. The balance of the trial funds cannot be used for withdrawals.

In order to better practice and open up the market, online revenue will start the “agent” In July 2021. We sincerely invite all kinds of KOLs to join.

1. How to join the “Agent” program.

Unlock the VIP level of Online Revenue and complete daily tasks.

Have enough freedom to complete work anywhere for a long time.

2. Institutional Responsibilities

Help Online Revenue guide new users to register and download.

Actively promote the Online Revenue brand, maintain the image of Online Revenue, and help users solve general business problems.

Development team and Recharge

  • Level 1: 8% commission bonus
  • Level 2: 4% commission bonus
  • Level 3. 2% commission bonus
  • Level 4: 1% commission reward

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Task Rebate

  • Level 1. 8% commission bonus
  • Level 2. 4% commission bonus
  • Level 3. 2% commission bonus
  • Level 4. 1% commission reward

The stronger the team, the higher the profit

3. Online Revenue will review the actual situation of agents on a monthly basis, and review senior agents.

Online Revenue headquarters will regularly issue generous rewards.

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4. Special instructions:

The company adopts its own original registration principle and participates according to personal wishes. Online Revenue approved.

The final interpretation of the above rules belongs to Online Revenue. Leaders must abide by relevant management regulations, and the rights of honor and welfare will be cancelled for those who violate relevant regulations. Thank you for your support to Online Revenue


This is an opportunity to become a wealthy personel. It was lunched on 13/07/2021

Register and get 3,000 naira to do your daily tasks

Click Here To Register


The 3,000 that was given to you after registration can not be withdrawn. You can only use it to perform tasks and get commission, when your commission reach 5,000 naira. You can then withdraw the 5,000 naira.

Note that that 3,000 is temporary. The company will collect their 3,000 after some days to month

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To earn bigger and faster. You need to do two to three things.

👉(1) Recharge your account with a minimum amount of 5,000 naira

👉(2) invite your friends and families to join the platform

👉(3) Create a WhatsApp group or Telegram for your team members and teach them how the platform works.

Withdrawal is from Monday to Friday

Minimum withdrawal is 5,000

Minimum recharge is 5,000

Withdrawal charges is 10%

If you don’t trust our platform, it’s okay. We will not force anyone who doesn’t trust. You can quit at any time, and our platform is always recruiting agents and senior administrators. You start to have your own team. If you want to be a boss on this platform, you can contact me and I will apply for you. Let us create wealth together on this platform and maintain it for a long time.

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When you are not satisfied with your current income, you can choose to recharge. Please remember that the recharge is always in your platform account. You can withdraw at any time when you want to withdraw. And the more funds in your account, the more you get The more commissions will be.

How To Perform Daily Task

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