How to Customize Subtitles in VLC Player on Windows 10

VLC player subtitles are set for the best possible experience. They are white by default with a black line around them. So no matter how bright or bright the video you are watching, you can still read the subtitles comfortably. That said, just because the default settings are good doesn’t mean you can’t customize subtitles in VLC player. The app gives you full control over how they look.

Customize Subtitles in VLC

Open VLC player and go to Tools > Preferences. Select the Subtitles / OSD tab. The first section has nothing to do with subtitles but the following two will control their appearance.

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Enable Subtitles

The “Enable subtitles” section allows you to select the subtitle language you prefer and the default encoding. The preferred subtitle language, when set, will allow VLC to automatically choose the correct subtitle language when multiple files are available.

Subtitle Effect

Subtitle Effect is where you can customize subtitles in VLC. There is a Font drop-down list that allows you to choose the font in which the subtitles are displayed. By default it is set to Arial, but you can change it to any font installed on your system.

Font Size

The font size is set automatically, which is a good thing if you tend to resize the VLC player window. However, if you keep it the same size or always watch it in full screen mode, you can take advantage of changing the font size. 

The subtitles are displayed in. The size is not defined in pixels. Instead, you can choose to make it smaller or larger.

The same goes for the outline or stroke around the caption text. It’s set to normal, but you can make it thick or thin. These are the only two options available. If you still find it difficult to read the subtitles, you should enable the “Add background” option and it will add a solid color background to the text. The video behind it will be obstructed, but that’s to be expected.

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Default Color

Finally, you can change the font’s default color and stroke color from the two color selection boxes. You get a full color spectrum to choose the color of the two so you can select what best suits your eyes.

There is also a position field that allows you to define, in pixels, where the subtitles are displayed. This setting, if you choose to tinker with it, will take a bit of experimentation to work well.

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