How To Change Heic Photos To Jpg On iPhone

It’s no surprise that the iPhone operating system has many quirks over other operating systems like Android. And in the photographic section even more, because Apple usually does a very meticulous job in the processing of photographs. However, you should change some default settings, such as converting Heic Photos to JPG on iPhone. So, in this article I will explain in full details.

We are going to explain what this image format consists of and how you can change it to a more popular standard. And it is that the HEIC file is not compatible with other platforms and applications, such as Adobe Photoshop or in some versions of Windows. To avoid this problem ever again, iOS allows you to change this setting.

What Is The Heic Format

It is an image format that Apple introduced in the year 2017 from the iOS 11 version. For photos, it is also known as HEIF, while for video it is called HEVC. What all these nomenclatures have in common is that it serves to replace the mythical JPG format.

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HEIC has better specifications than JPG, taking up less camera roll space and offering similar or nearly identical quality. In addition, it allows more editing options, because it supports transparency and the possibility of grouping several images, something ideal for Apple’s Live Photo function. It also stores all the editing adjustments you’ve made to the photo, so you can undo them in the future.

How To Change Photos From Heic Format To Jpg on iPhone

Despite being a much more appropriate format for mobile devices and to save storage space , its compatibility with other platforms is still limited. Therefore, if you want to work with iPhone photos on your computer, you’d better change the format to a more standardized one. Luckily, iOS has an option to change the format by default, where you simply have to follow a series of steps:

  1. Go into the iPhone Settings app.
  2. Scroll down until you find the Camera section .
  3. Inside you will find a section called Formats .
  4. Select Most Compatible .
  5. The iPhone will stop using HEIF and HEVC, switching to JPEG and H.264.
Heic photos- How and when to choose between HEIF/HEVC &  JPEG/H.264 ...

Note that this setting only affects photos you take from now on, so all previous HEIC images will not be changed. Another option is to activate a function that allows you to transfer your photos to a Mac or PC in a compatible format, while keeping the HEIC file on the iPhone.

To do this, simply go from Settings to the Photos section , select Transfer to Mac or PC and click on Automatic.

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