How to Borrow Credit or Data on Glo Ghana

There is always a helpless moment once in someone’s life when you realize you lack airtime and you either can’t get it because you lack funds at that time or because you can’t get it within your environment. Glo Ghana is ready to help.

It is not wrong or a crime not to have airtime on your Glo account balance, when there is a problem there will be a solution for it. So, in this content, we write the life-saving solution to the lack of airtime, specifically your Glo account balance.

What is Glo Ghana?

African Telcos Company, Glo Mobile (Globacom) has enjoyed a decent run on the continent. From its humble beginnings in the early 2000s, the company has risen to become one of the largest mobile network operators in sub-Saharan Africa.

It currently employs upwards of 3,500 people and boasts over 50 million subscribers. It is also the first-ever African company to build a high-capacity submarine fiber-optic cable from the United Kingdom to Nigeria — a project that was valued at about $800 million.

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But despite these impressive feats, Glo Mobile has apparently failed to establish dominance in one of its main countries of operation; Ghana

Status of Glo Network in Ghana

Glo Mobile entered the Ghanaian market in 2012 with a bold and extravagant launch. At the time, MTN and Vodafone were already household names, and were vying for first place on the Ghanaian mobile network scoreboard. For a period, though, Glo’s bold entrance seemed to have turned the tables, as Ghanaians, in their numbers, flocked to Glo outlets to claim their new sim cards.

All in all, it was a good looking start to a promising looking business campaign.

But 10 years down the line, Glo remains one of the smallest mobile network operators in Ghana. Estimates suggest that the number of Glo customers in Ghana stood at about 847,000 as of the end of 2021. This represents a feeble 2% of the local market share.

In fact, in comparison to MTN’s 25 million+ subscribers and Vodafone’s 8 million+ customers, Glo Mobile’s stake is but an infinitesimal figure.

It is unclear why this happened. Different pundits gave different explanations. Some opined that the company’s marketing strategy was merely inadequate. Others were of the view that Ghanaians were already largely content with existing mobile operators.

In any case, Glo has stayed operational in the country and that is why we have Glo Ghana.

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How To Borrow Data or Credit From GLO Ghana

The solution is a short post that entails how you can borrow airtime on the Glo Ghana network and pay back at your convenient time without worries of any threats or disturbance. But before going to the main topic let’s use a few paragraphs to know about the Glo network.

About Ghana Glo Network

Glo Ghana has been known as the fastest Ghana Service network that provides excellent internet speeds and affordable data to its users.

Additionally, they offer a “Borrow me credit” option that enables users to borrow airtime if they run out in the middle of a task.

To be eligible for this service, customers must have a registered Glo sim card and have used Glo for at least three months.

Activate Borrow Me Credit On Glo.

Before you are eligible to Borrow Me Credit on Ghana Glo you will need the Borrow Me Credit PIN, follow the steps below to proceed:

  • Dial *321#
  • Enter your new four (4) digit BMC (Borrow Me Credit) pin
  • The 4-digit PIN will be needed in your next transaction 

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How To Borrow Airtime From Ghana Glo

Note: Glo Ghana charges a 15% commission on payback for the borrowed airtime credit.

  • Just enter *321*PIN*Amount#. For instance, if your newly formed PIN is 1234 and you need to borrow 100 Naira, you can do so by dialing *321*1234*1000#.
  • Glo will send you a notification right away letting you know whether or not your procedure was successful.
  • If you are qualified to borrow N1000, you receive N850 in return. If not, Glo Nigeria will let you know how much you can currently borrow.

How To Check Your Glo Loan Status

  • Enter *506# and choose 1 for status.

But in Nigeria you don’t need to input any PIN , just dial *321# and select the amount you need to borrow and it will be credited to your account instantly.

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