How My Entrepreneur Father Changed My Life and Business


Listen SON, your antagonist will increase at every seconds of your progress. My entrepreneur father said few years ago.

As he walked through the environment, he said, walk with me. I have something to show you.

He went to the mango tree at the backyard, and requested I plug a fruit from the tree. Actually the riped one.

I looked carefully and replied; Sir, I can’t see any ripe one here. He stared at me for few seconds, this time, my heartbeat increased.

He has actually warned me to be prudent like King Solomon anytime I come close to him because the race is not for the ignorant anymore.

I adjusted my breath for another few seconds, I said again, Sir, I can’t find any riped MANGO. Beautiful, he said, with a confident tone. Then he continued,

Nobody will know you when you are not ripe. Nobody will attack you when your glory isn’t showing. At this stage, you are like the unripe fruit. Ignored, deserted, overlooked because your fruit is not nutritional.

Here is your first lesson Son, don’t fight to be seen or noticed, rather work on your fruit to be riped. It’s the nature of human to ignore people that are not productive. To be noticed, work more on your seed.

Come with me, this time, he took me to another tree, full with ripen fruit. Look around here and plug me two fruit.

I look critically at the coconut tree, it was tall and uneasy to get, so I carefully took a big stick and hit it from afar, it fell to the ground so loud. Then I gave the two fruit to him. Then he said,

Here is it Son, the more ripe you become, the more enemies you attract just like the coconut tree. It’s the nature of human to come for you because you are ripe. They attack you just like you attack the coconut tree.

Don’t be moved, it’s your right to fulfill destiny no matter the attack on you. Keep growing. You are growing for two purpose.

One, as a shade for those that are helpless to hide and two, as a fruit for those that are hungry to eat from.

Understand this, your COURSE is beyond the attacker. Grow your lens of reasoning if you will last long as a fruitful tree.

You see that coconut tree, no matter how many you plug, it won’t dry up because of you. It will keep producing more coconut. It is because it produces more that makes it relevant in my compound. If not, I would have uprooted it a long time ago.

Just because your partner betray your love doesn’t stop you from loving someone else. You are productive, and you need to show your commitments as a tree that is fruitful not as a tree that dries up because of one person that plugs from it.

Just because someone fraud you is not enough reason not to trust. Trust is part of what makes your tree productive. Keep trusting till it get you to your breakthrough.

Just because a business partner betray your school doesn’t mean your school should close down.

Just because people don’t like what you do is not enough reason not to like yourself. Be your first admirer. Treat yourself with so much love and respect.

Nature will command people to take the course of likeness on you.

See Son, look at that bitter leaf at the other side of the compound, go and taste it. I moved a bit and I said, Sir, I don’t really like it. He smiled and said, Son,

This shows it’s not everyone that will like what you do, but you must never allow that determines how you grow.

That bitterleaf is never scared of growing no matter the hatred you have towards (him) because ‘he’ knows, one day, you will come looking for ‘him’ and ‘he’ will be your only saviour at that time. You will give ‘him’ all the attention you thought you couldn’t give.

Don’t stop growing Son. When your enemy increases for no reason, pay attention, your success is taking another dimension they can’t handle, the effect is dimensional.

The bitterleaf will attract enemies because of the kind of projection and growth it takes but sooner, it will be the ultimate search for many in few months to come. You are an ultimate search for someone tomorrow, so learn to improve your skills of growth today.

You are not growing to compete with the next person.

Coconut tree doesn’t compete with Apple tree, there seasons of growth and cycle is different. Learn to apply this in your journey as you move into the HALF session of the year.

Your competition is not with someone else. God who kept you on this Journey knows when your fruit will be ripe, so don’t envy others when their fruit is ripe. Seasons of growth is what matters. Move and grow in your own space.

Slowly but surely, your SEASON WILL COME.

Always remember,

The bloodline of your ancestors is DIFFERENT.

Hope this inspires someone today?

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