Holiday Caution To All POS Agents in Nigeria

To whom it may concern.

Good day:

This is an important information to all Point On Sales agents most especially in Nigeria. We all know the nature of our network and the banking system is not giving us the opportunity to run POS business as we like.

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To me, I believe millions of Nigeria youths are into POS for money transactions and cash remover to earn a living. And over 90% are running this business on loan.

Nobody is ready to give you money, and the only way to get capital for your business is to get a loan and manage it efficiently. Kudos to Nigerian Banks and Access Bank in particular for their greater loan opportunity given to most of their users.

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I am using both ITEX PAYVICE device and ACCESS CLOSA for my daily transactions and the network is really perfect. As an agent, the best POS machine I can recommend to you for your business are

  • Access Closa

  • Itex PayVice

In July 2020 the Itex company announced #20 flat rate charges on all outgoing transactions from #1000 to #1,000,000,000 which was latter reduced to #12 after few months.

So, we all know that there is no business that does not involve risk. Any business man is a risk bearer and a risk bearer should be able to manage the risk of his or her business.

This is not my first year of running this business and December has always been a very busy month for Nigeria banks and their networks are very bad. This year, I have the opportunity to caution any agent through my blog to be very careful when doing any transaction for customers, because any mistake you make this time may likely be resolved by 2021 due to the bad network and huge complaints.

A day to Christmas holidays, what may likely happen and how to prepare?

 1. High withdrawals: People will rush for cash that you may not be able to meet up . Even most ATMs will show insufficient funds.

Warning: manage your cash, don’t pay more than 20k at a go bcos if you finish your cash, you may not get another at ATMs.

2. More deposits when bank closes by 12noon. Customers will rush you with cash deposits because bank will close early. Do not collect more than what you can pay out or small closing cash you can take home.
If you collect too much money, you are in danger of attack

3. Fraud and rubbery: Fraud rate will be high, see every one today as a thief and keep your cash well. Don’t let customers rush you to pay 100k instead of 10k. Be wise

4. Network issue: In Nigeria, we like creating artificial problems and banks/Nibss/ processors are used to that. So, manage your customers, avoid emergency transactions.

5. Fake alerts & stolen cards: Don’t do transfers for someone you can’t produce if police comes for arrest.

Wish you all the best of luck

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