Hijab Crises: 2 Students Stopped From Writing Exams in Igboye Community High School Epe




Two students of Igboye community secondary school, Igboye, Epe have been prevented from writing exams. They were denied from joining their classes for revision as well last week.

The father of the said students visited the school and showed the principal Mrs Odushoga the court judgments as well as the memo on Hijab, she was adamant that the students will not be allowed.

The father had hitherto considered withdrawing his children, but since they were about to write exams, he brought them back.

This is a public school run for the general citizens and yet principals are allowed to defy the laid down laws and regulations without any consequences. They are allowed to disregard Human Rights as upheld in the constitution and regulations on this matter.

We say every child has a right to be educated, yet Muslim girls are not accorded the same rights. They will, unlike other children, have to choose between their faith and an education.

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We have written to the Honorable Commissioner on this matter on the 8th of December, in order to prevent this impasse.
We have also spoken to her and she has promised to look into it.

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We have taken all legal means to protect our rights, yet this is still happening to our children. If we have truly learned anything from the ENDSARS protests, it is that the legitimate cries of citizens should not be ignored.

We will continue to be law abiding while advocating for our rights. However, we will not hesitate to hold anyone who tramples on our rights accountable, while also bringing to bear the full weight of the law on such persons.

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We hope to build together, “Nation where peace and justice shall reign”

Mutiat Orolu-Balogun
Executive Director,
Hijab Rights Advocacy Initiative

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