Her Children Deserve Her Blessings Rather Than a Curse

“You are such an unfortunate boy! Idiot! Useless child. I’m not sure if you can ever do things right in your life.


Look at Ebuka. That boy is always doing things right for his parents. But you, mba! Your brain has not been attached to your head since I gave birth to you! Mad boy! Will you get out from here before I throw you more stones!!!”

Mama Onyeka flared in her usual manner. I heard Onyeka’s footsteps as he walked out of the room to an unknown destination.

I was awoken by her voice as she barked at her son. She had been like that ever since I packed into my room.

She’s a kind of woman that feeds her children with so much curse on any slight provocation. Mama Onyeka would curse to the extent and still have the effrontery to jam the door behind to shout on top of her voice to pray and rebuke all the enemy of progress in her life.

I don’t know if she’s actually speaking with the devil or God. Our father in heaven is actually patient though. If I had been God, or given just one day to control the universe, Mama Onyeka would have been the first person on my hell list.

The worst part of it is that you can never calm her down whenever she is on her mood swing. It’s just like adding more fuel to her burning fire.

“You see these children, they will never know peace. They are such irresponsible children. They can’t kill me. Good for nothing children” Mama Onyeka would say.

She won’t stop cursing until her voice goes hoarse. Whenever her husband appeals to her for peace to reign, She would transfer her aggression on him as if he is the cause of whatever had been troubling her.

Her story reminds me of a certain woman in my village who resorted to cursing her children despite being a staunch christian. Anytime I approached and advised her to stop because such curses could have an effect tomorrow. Her reply was always ‘ Haba brother!

Such curses don’t have side effects. Besides, I do pray. God will always rebuke such curses. It can never have any bad effects on my children.

They are protected with the blood of Jesus” She would say with a broad smile. I would keep quiet and go my way each time she started with her drama with her children.

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Do you know that till date, two of the children are now living fine in their respective homes but the fact remains that they never allow their mother to live close to them.

They see her as evil. They hate her to the core. Her other two children live with her but make life miserable for her. They wished her death every now and then. She sleeps and wakes up in pains.

The children who live with her always remind her that she was the reason behind their misfortune. They worked as porters in a market nearby after several attempts to get a job despite being educated.

Mama Onyeka cannot really understand the implications of what she’s actually doing now.

Even though it’s good to use the rod so as not to spoil the child, cursing your children is not just the best on how to bring up a child. We need to change from this act. I hope Mama Onyeka understands before it gets out of hand.

Her Children deserve her blessings rather than a curse. A curse is capable of destroying one’s destiny. Right now, it’s like a seed, gradually, it will start manifesting. May each curse in everyone’s life be uprooted and destroyed!

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