Get Paid on TikTok Watching Videos – How to Make Money on TikTok, Facebook and YouTube

I am here to teach you how to make money, watch video and get paid on TikTok. If you don’t have an account with TikTok you can click here to register

After registration or if you have registered and looking for ways to make money on the app, you are welcome and I am assuring you that this method will make you happy as you are about to make some money in Euros.

What Are The Ways to Make Money on TikTok?

There are make ways to make money on TikTok:

  1. You can make money while going live 
  2. You can be given different gifts via your comment box
  3. By visiting other people’s live you can grab some gifts through the Treasure Box
  4. You can also make money using AP Media

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Without wasting much of our time, let me quickly brake you to the last step which is AP New Media. The other ones can be done through your TikTok app. I will put up a write up on how to go live on TikTok and how to make money with that.

What is AP New Media?

The Associated Press (AP) is an American nonprofit news organization headquartered in New York City. It was established in 1846 as a cooperative unincorporated association. Its members are American newspapers and broadcasters.

The news stories it distributes to its members and clients are produced in English, Spanish and Arabic. Since the award was established in 1917, the Associated Press has won 56 Pulitzer Prizes, 34 of them for photography. It is also known for publishing the widely used AP style manual.

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Associated Press New Media was established in 2019 and is a new media advertising company invested and controlled by The Associated Press. The business covers more than 30 countries, including advertising applications, elevator media, short videos, new media and other services. Since its inception, AP New Media has been established in multiple countries to create innovative products, explore new advertising ideas, provide the highest quality service, and build a reputation for excellence.

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AP New Media has 20 million registered users worldwide. AP New Media is developing at an explosive rate. Platform Honor The short video operation center has the most potential for development in the world.

Provide me with the richest interactive experience for users. Be My Love Be the online home that users never leave. Platform Mission Interactive Platform Providers and Information Operators Long-Term Strategies to Promote Rapid Information Production
Exact expansion. Highly shared. deep interaction. Help people uphold diverse values by maintaining close communication. Promote harmonious living with others. Short-term strategy Promote the integration of traditional media and new media. Promote the improvement and reconstruction of the modern media industry.

Click Here To Register and Get Started

In order to ensure the safety of the funds of each part-time member. New AP new media members must register with the correct mobile phone number. After the registration is successful, AP New Media staff will conduct a telephone return visit to the members. Member systems found to use illegal registrations will automatically identify false users.

Members of each active level. Activation level margin fees will be regulated in a third-party bank. The security deposit will be automatically returned when the member leaves.

How To Perform Task And Earn Some Money on AP New Media

You Can Also Make Money Inviting Your Friends on Facebook, TikTok, YouTube etc

Here you can see your invitation link.

Everyone on the platform has an exclusive invitation code. Only members who register with your invitation code through your link can become your team members and bring you income.

Every time you invite 1 person to join AP New Media to watch video and get paid on TikTok, Facebook or YouTube, you can get 5EUR reward
And every member you invite who joins the platform and works for 15 consecutive days can get an additional 6USDT reward

How to set the withdrawal address and set the withdrawal password?

Set your withdrawal bank card information or USDT-TRC-20 address here, and then set a withdrawal password

You can post your link on TikTok or make a video on how to make money on TikTok then recommend this link to your friends so that you can get 5£ on each one of them.

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Recently, TikTok users have complained that the viewing quality of AP0 is particularly bad. The TikTok Marketing Department will enter AP New Media for inspection. Each member must complete the work strictly according to the requirements.

This time, the focus is on members who registered with fake numbers and did not watch videos as required. When each member develops a team member, it is stated that when registering an AP account, a real and valid mobile phone number must be entered.

If there is a fake number, the registration platform will directly freeze the account. Team leaders are also penalized. Each team leader must do a good job of supervising the members
Protect everyone’s interests together

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