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I am about to teach you another way to make money online with minimum of 10$ investment capital. pays you 2$ daily for upgrading to VIP1. is an online mall that gives you opportunity to make money online with your little capital.

Foya8 review

The moment you registered you will be given 10$ which you are to deposit 10$ to make it 20$ so as to activate VIP1 and start earning 2$ everyday.

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You are to perform 2 task for activating VIP1. Each task gives you 1$ and your earnings depends on the level of VIP package you activate.

Business Advice: You are not expected to invest what you can not afford to lose. Though, you get your capital back in 5days for the VIP1 package which is 10$ and I will advise you to go for that so as not to regret at the end.

How to Register on


Online Customer Service

  • Registration Bonus: 10 USDT
  • Minimum Withdrawal: 1 USDT
  • Minimum Deposit: 10 USDT
  • Daily Earning: 2usdt on 10$
  • Daily Task: 2

Withdrawal proof from the FOYA site and as well the Binance alert. The withdrawal is instant.

Withdrawal proof on Foya8 FOYA withdrawal

Team Commission

  1. A: 10 %
  2. B: 5 %
  3. C: 3%

VIP1 quota: 20SDT, daily income 10%, daily income 2USDT

VIP2 quota: 75USDT, daily income13% ,daily income 9.75USDT

VIP3 quota: 180USDT, daily income 20%, daily income 36USDT

VIP4 quota: 500USDT, daily income 21%, daily income 105USDT

VIP5 quota: 1500USDT, daily income 23%, daily income 345USDT

VIP6 quota: 3500USDT, daily income 26%, daily income 910USDT

VIP7 quota: 10000USDT, daily income 30%, daily income 3000USDT

VIP8 quota: 30000USDT, daily income 50%, daily income 15000USDT

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When you want to get an order with a higher commission, you can recharge the corresponding amount to upgrade to the corresponding level!

How to earn free commissions?

Quickly pick up your mobile phone, share your promotion link, and earn free commissions.

Watch Video On How To Get Started, Deposit, Task and Withdrawal


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