Fosage Meta Force and Polygon – What Users Should Look Out For

Going by the new development, it is expedient that there will be few changes with regards to the coins you are holding: BUSD & BNB (Bep20).

The expected coin will be:

  1. USDT (PoS)
  2. Matic (polygon)

In terms of decentralization Polygon is the top, and the fees are the cheapest – about $ 0.01/0.02 (that is 1 or 2 cents)

There will be trainings from us this weekend on how to convert your current coins from Binance Chain to Polygon network (all these processes is to add to your knowledge of blockchain). Please stay calm and dont assume you know what to do in other to avoid colossal loss.

Updates in full details

Following the announcement that the US SEC has launched investigating against Binance, we are very concerned about the fate of our community on the Smart Chain network.

Especially in the context of the situation with Terra Luna (the coin fell to zero, their UST stablecoin also fell). StoryΒ with Terra Luna is a precedent that undermines trust in not fully decentralized platforms. It may affect others.

In this regard, in the last few days, together with the development team, we have been actively analyzed different blockchains, different alternatives.

US SEC is a very powerful regulator. This ain’t something like Filipino SEC. Their actions can indeed lead to serious consequences.

And this danger is long-term. This is not some local case. Consequences can come at any time. Maybe soon, maybe in years.
Since we are building a long-term business, long-term security is important to us.

Of course, it is entirely possible that Binance will overcome this difficulty and emerge victorious. We don’t know for sure.
But we know for sure that Binance Smart Chain is partially centralized. Until now, we have relied on their reputation and trust in them.
And they should be appreciated – they strive to maintain their reputation.
But we see how many cryptocurrency platforms are being tested for decentralization lately. And the elements of centralization turn out to be a weak point for many.

Given the current trend driven by the double crisis (covid bubble plus war), we are seeing regulators looking to increase controls and tighten new rules. So the Cryptocurrency Community will soon face new challenges. And true decentralization will win.

So, the last few days, I’ve had to throw all my attention to finding an urgent solution, and I attracted our development team to this issue.

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We are all well aware of what a shock information it is now for the Community.
Before we wanted to continue to develop on Smart Chain, because this blockchain has shown itself from a positive side
But weighing all the pros and cons, comparing the risks, we find that the most risky now is to launch on Smart Chain.

The best solution at the moment is the Polygon blockchain.
Let me quickly list all the cons of this solution:
– Community Shock
– Our possible reputational losses due to a sudden change of plans
– Negativity about delaying long-awaited launch (needs time for tests)
– The need to master the new Network (this difficulty is mostly psychological)
– The need to transfer prepared funds from BNB and BUSD to MATIC and USDT

Now for the benefits:
– This network is perfectly safety, security issues are resolved flawlessly.
– Transaction speed is higher
– From the point of view of the code, no changes, everything that we prepared for Smart Chain is suitable for Polygon MATIC
– Uses the same wallets as Ethereum and Smart Chain, so it’s easy for the user to switch
– Polygon is easily interacts with the Ethereum
– Polygon is completely decentralized
– Fees in the network are lower than in Smart Chain
– Polygon is actively gaining popularity, having long ago replaced the Ethereum network for many. This is a clear and very stable trend.

Polygon is the solution to Ethereum’s scaling problem. It has all the advantages of Ethereum.
The BSC blockchain, on the one hand, is decentralized, on the other hand, the nodes in it are centralized.
The Polygon has wider validation, which ensures faster and cheaper transactions.

Everything that we planned to do in Fosage Meta Force will be best implemented at the Polygon.


1- = 6,710 naira

1-2 = 12,810 naira

1-3 = 25,010 naira

1-4 = 55,510 naira

1-5 = 101,260 naira

1-6 = 200,000 naira

1-7 = 395,000 naira

1-8 = 790,000 naira

1-9 = 1,580,000 naira

1-10 = 3,160,000 naira

1-11 = 6,250,000 naira

1-12 = 12,500,000 naira

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Level 1 πŸ‘‰ 5 BUSD

Level 1- 2 πŸ‘‰ 15 BUSD

Level 1- 3 πŸ‘‰ 35 BUSD

Level 1- 4 πŸ‘‰ 75 BUSD

Level 1- 5 πŸ‘‰ 155 BUSD

Level 1- 6 πŸ‘‰ 315 BUSD

Level 1-7 πŸ‘‰ 635 BUSD

Level 1-8 πŸ‘‰ 1,275 BUSD

Level 1-9 πŸ‘‰ 2,555 BUSD

Level 1-10 πŸ‘‰ 5,115 BUSD

Level 1-11 πŸ‘‰ 10,235 BUSD

Level 1-12 πŸ‘‰ 20,475 BUSD

N/B: Gas fee not included

Estimated Guaranteed Earnings

Level 1—- $15/#9150 (note recycle button that can give you more)

Level 2— $30/#18,300 (recycle)

Level 3— $60/#36,600 (recycle)

Level 4— $120/#73,200 (recycle)

Level 5— $240/#146,400 (recycle)

Level 6— $480/#292,800 (recycle)

Level 7— $960/#585,600 (recycle)

Level 8— $1920/#1,171,200 (recycle)

Level 9— $3840/#2,342,400 (recycle)

Level 10— $7680/#4,684,800 (recycle)

Level 11— $15,360/#9,369,600 (recycle)

Level 12— $30,720/#18,739,200 (recycle)

Note that the dollar rate of your earnings is determinant on the dollar rate of Metaforce when it begins.
For this, #610/$1 was used

Also note that you can earn more than once on any of the levels so far the steps are filled up on such level.

So guys …These are The Stream ways your earnings will be Dropping in wallets

Get Ready To Earn 2.8 Cr (MILLIONS) in 12 Weeks

Your C-4 Way
1. Spillover
2. Overflow
3. Referral
4. Income from cross Lines

Forsage Meta Force has 1 Type Matrix, In which S6 (Non working) & S-3 (Working) Both are Combined with each Other.

S6 and S3 Slot will Give us very Big Income

  • S3 – Direct Your Referral,
  • S6 – Your Referral & Spillover, Overflow.

Facts about META FORCE

🌺 50% Discount On All 12 Level For Starting 21 Days
🌺 Force Coin Coming Soon
🌺 You’re paid directly to your account
🌺 You are paid automatically and immediately you earn
🌺 You don’t need to request withdrawal, because before you know that You’ve even earned, you’ve been paid
🌺 FORCE website can’t shutdown, because it is built under blockchain
🌺 Even the founders of FORCE cant change the rule
🌺 FORCE cant be hacked
🌺 FORCE is a lifetime contract
🌺 In FORCE the levels can never expire
🌺 In FORCE you can turn 10 BUSD in to 225000 BUSD means $225000 with time, teamwork and hard-work
🌺 FORCE is not a get rich quick scheme
🌺 In FORCE you get rich gradually and consistently
🌺 In FORCE You earn when you refer
🌺 In FORCE you earn when you upgrade
🌺In FORCE you earn when you don’t refer anyone
🌺In FORCE you earn when your downlines refer
🌺In FORCE you earn when your downlines upgrade
🌺The earlier you join FORCE, the bigger your chances.

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