FireVIP NFC: Earn Massively With FireVIP Update. Click, Register, Invest and Cashout

I am very sorry for coming up this late to drop this update, FireVIP NFC is booming and it has been paying since May.

Firevip is simple and easy way to make money with

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When you register as a member on this platform, you get a free ad machine that help you watch adverts automatically on one of their partner’s platform.

This free machine can earn you 100# daily and 200NFC Free without any Investment


Well, FireVIP NFC is simply the platform native token

1NFC is simply equal to 1naira

So when you have 200NFC, it means you have 200naira. This may increase in value as soon as it lunches.

When you EARN NFC on the platform, it remains locked and you can’t withdraw it until you unlock it.

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The NFC will be unlocked daily in bits, and you can sell to the platform asap if you like

When you sell, the equivalent will be transferred to your available balance and you can withdraw to you bank account if you have reached the withdrawal threshold of 4000. I hope you get that now?

Now let’s move to how to earn more money for your self on FireVIP.

You can rent others ad machine, the higher the ad machine you rent, means the more money you make daily on the platform

To rent another ad machine, simply recharge your account, and select the ad machine you want to rent.

Then the ad machine will earn you higher money daily when you rent it. Check your account and this account for more details or ask direct questions on what you don’t understand

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Great News, NFC Is About to Be Launched on A Decentralized Exchange!

Since the successful launch of NFC on TRON, Firevip has also become the first social advertising platform where the TRON public blockchain is landed, making quite a sensation in the industry.

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Now the high yield and quality experience have attracted more and more people to join. Therefore, in order to let more new and old users benefit from the value of NFC, the platform will act in full speed to promote its launch on the exchange, that is, NFC will be officially on SouthXchange, BitKonan, DeBi and other decentralised trading platforms on 1 September, and in the subsequent period of 15 October to 25 October on the mainstream exchange!

As a deflationary pass, there is no denying that NFC has infinite value potential. The total number of NFC is currently constant at 300,000 billion and can be exchanged 1:1 for Naira. And the estimated value of NFC will increase at least 10 times when launched on the exchange, i.e., 1 NFC equals ₦10!

At that time, the platform will release the NFC which can be circulated across the platform, and the users’ wealth will be doubled instantly. Currently, the NFC rewarding campaign is still under way, so join us to realize your asset growth!


    Cost #4000
    Earn #200 daily cash for 365days
    Total Profit :# 219,000
    Cost #16000
    Earn #851 daily cash for 365days
    Total Profit :# 932,000
    Cost #40000
    Earn #2256 daily cash for 365days
    Total Profit :# 2,470,320
    Cost #160000
    Earn #9536 daily cash for 365days
    Total Profit :# 10,441,920
    Cost #320000
    Earn #20,096 daily cash for 365days
    Total Profit :# 22,005,120
    Cost #960000
    Earn #63,360 daily cash for 365days
    Total Profit :# 63,379,200

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