#Finster: See Facebook Users Reactions Towards The Trending Word Finster

The word #Finster according to Nirablink Entertainment has been explained in the earlier post Click here

There are millions of people on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even on Nairaland making their research on the unique word and finding out:

  • What is Finster?
  • Why Finster?
  • How do they come about it?
  • What are they doing?
  • Who are the Fosters?
  • And for what reason

Gideon Oladepo pftt:

I did a little research online too, especially seeing some of our dear daughters-in-the-Lord wearing the badge of Finster. We need to be very careful because we dont know where this is taking us to.

Anita Odu Adimas:

I was in the group before but as they started posting content not consistent with my Christian values, talking about pornography and lesbianism favorably, I left the group immediately. I am not ready to carry a demon on Facebook. God forbid it.

Mercy Iyene Etim:

Gideon Oladepo pftt. I am quaking in my toes now.

I am very threatened by you. I am so afraid. Why don’t you add death threat, call me a prostitute or bastard?

The normal thing was for you to make research in the first place before disparaging something you know nothing about.

Do you know FIN has been recognized by Mark Zurkerberg himself as a safe place for women going through abuse? Do you know how many people Fin has given homes and care?

But no! Sit down in the comfort of your chair, make threats and disparage.

Be humble.

Friday Ohikhuia:

Anita Odu Adimas thanks. Here, you also see people who will come and defend this Fin.

You are the second person to say such thing.

God bless you

Everyone has their preferences. I respect their choices but it’s a No for me

Temi Tee Eyinjuoluwa:

I’m very disappointed in you right now, Mercy Iyene Etim didn’t insult at 1st, you did by calling a whole group of people ignorant, then you go on to call her juvenile…. This is sad… You are so condescending and that is pride sir! The bible says God resist the proud. Go back to the drawing board tonight and check if you are actually doing Jesus proud. Dear sis mercy, let this go… It is well with you… Some battles are not worth it.


Mercy Iyene Etim to who? Are you the only one that knows what fin stand for?

I have female friends that shared their experience concerning that group.

What’s the big deal about it?

You just want to rant to show femininity wahala.

Calm down . calm down


I heard there is a group called finster.
I heard it is a female group owned by a Nigeria woman where women share there stories without been judge, rather than support,encouraged and learn…

O ye Nigerian men, don’t let us allow these women to chop our eye o. They have started a ‘Female In Nigeria’ group called finster. Na so feminism start.

Now we are going to start our own too, Men In Nigeria (MINSTER).

Hi bestie! How’re you? Guess you’re good right?

So I went to Oshodi yesterday to get some materials and boarded the red BRT from Agege, I bought my ticket and took my seat waiting for the bus to move beacause it was already filled up but it didn’t.

The driver was waiting to carry “standing”
While we were going, I noticed an old woman (not that old sha) standing but I looked away but my conscience was disturbing me. Something told me to stand up for the woman, another told me not to reminding me that I do have motion sickness, then I remembered am a finster (FIN is a secret group on Facebook) I pictured my mum in that kind of situation and tap the woman to come sit down, she was happy.

While standing I started feeling dizzy and had to bend my head because I knew if care was not taken I might throw up. Then I noticed a middle aged man that was standing at my back was moving close to me as in (gumming) I moved to the front a little yet he moved closer, I felt something hard at my back, I looked back and saw that the pervet was already hard (in my mind I said no wahala you will cry very soon).

Thank God he was putting on a Jersey short, I turned back and held his nauseating prick (oko arinya) he shouted and started begging me with other passengers, some were laughing, some were begging me, some were telling me not to let go (I held the “thing” as if my life depended on it) the woman I stood up for gave the pervert a very dirty slap. The driver had to stop the bus because he was been distracted. Anyways, I sha left the foolish pervert because he was already crying like a baby

You see bestie that am a good girl, you have to do this as a Finster

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