FGN Has Appologised For Its Tweet Ordering All Account Holders to Obtain SCF

The Federal Government has apologised for its Tweet ordering all account holders in the country to obtain and fill self-certification forms.

In a directive contained in a series of tweets on Thursday, the Federal Government said each account holder must submit the filled forms in their respective financial institutions.p

Reverse has been the case…

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Nigerians Reactions:

Very irresponsible government that’s make out her mind to suffer the masses.

You’re looking for ways of taking away from the little people are earning as if you’re contributing to it in any positive way.

This is not an information for twitter. You don’t pass information across to a nation via social media. You guys should make proper announcement and publications.

Lol after trying to test the public to see our reaction, you saw the backlash and you are now typing rubbish, God will punish you all.


Ridiculous govt. wrong information on a National govt official account for more than 24hrs. Ridiculous

Those tweets looked like they were posted by a robot. I hope you must have deactivated that robot by now.How can a person mislead over 200M people in a nation and we said we have a government. Clueless government that doesn’t know when to pass the right information

We can spoilt this their post as well but people need to see their govt for the indecisive naive inept & incoherent administration. Stay Woke Guys! All these old people are done for. They have less than 4% life force left in the blood.

You guys don’t always do well when communication to the public. A video about this policy had been on Youtue since September first that explained the whole thing Why can’t you guys post the video here on twitter?

Better.. GOD WILL NOT SHAME US.. The tweet was used to test Us.. Our responses make dem delete am, now telling us that is not meant for everybody

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