Fans React as Actress Dayo Amusa Stop Fans From Intruding Into Her Private Life

Nollywood actress Dayo Amusa has sent a message to those asking why she’s still single.

Dayo Amusa, who seemed fed up with the constant question in a post shared on her Instagram account, gave a blunt response to her critics.

According to the famous actress, if people cannot answer why they are not dead yet, they should stop asking why she is still single.

She wrote: If you can not answer why you are not dead yet! Stop asking me why am still single. You know yourselves.

It was recalls that Dayo Amusa won the hearts of many of her fans and colleagues over what she did as part of events to mark her birthday in July as she visits the Ikoyi prison in Lagos State.

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Dayo Amusa donated food items, beverages and detergents for the prisoners and were received by the prison warders

Fans react over her statement:

No sane one is single and doesn’t wish to get married… There must be an issue all we need is a word of prayer for her. I come in peace.

Marriage is good wen you marry to the right person, because marriage was created and established by God so it is the desire for everybody to get marry. Those that are saying that its not for everybody you don’t know how it feels to be single and lonely for ever, so don’t pray for that.

If you asked me ,copy from Tiwa Savage… just marry for 9 months. Get baby and act stupidly to him..boom, he will divorced you…then you can be happily single forever… You know see, as Tiwa Savage de enjoy her life now ..with her little boy… Problem is solved.

Lots are even jealous that you are still single, they want u to still come and suffer heartbreak with them. Them be like lets see if she will still look good with flow less skin, please marry, enjoy your marriage singles enjoy your single all of us go still die single and buried single.

Not every woman will marry.. likewise not every man.
Atleast she is not 40 years old yet, mitchew.

It’s good if you know you are not destined to get married early Aunty Dayo enjoy your spinsterhoodjare Mrs Pauline of the Bible in the order of Apostle Paul.. cheers

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Nonsense, Who are the people asking her? Don’t mind them leave your life the way you want it, it concerns no one.

So you’re still single sis, I don’t even no, BCS I don’t Involve in someone business, sis live ur live you’re the CEO of ur life, ur problem is not mine, and my problem is not yours, so does people ask u they no get waiting then they use head to think ni jare don’t mind them.

No one that is single and truly happy either man or woman as long as some people are married, single is a necessary stage but been married is better if you now marry wrong person is another thing o. So go and marry.

You people have been saying rubbish to this lady .when she marry again you people will want to know how everything is going about her haaaaa face you problem Nigeria is not easy instead be praying to your family foget about another person affairs sosooo…

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