Exposition on 2023 JAMB Change of Course/Change of Institution (COC/COI )


  • Part1: The Policy.
  • Part 2: The prerequisite
  • Part 3: The Pattern


  1. The provision for the UTME Candidates to change their Courses/ Institutions after seeing their results remains one of the BEST policies ever introduced by JAMB since its inception in 1978.

  2. The Change of Course/ Institution programme affords the UTME Candidates the special Privilege to remake their Choices of Courses or Institutions based on their UTME Scores.

  3. The Policy was introduced to ensure that as many students as possible get admitted into the higher Institution of learning in Nigeria yearly.

  4. This Policy has helped thousands of Candidates but unfortunately many Candidates are still ignorant of how to use this opportunity to their own advantage

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  1. Interestingly, the Change of Course programme for 2023 will be ON untill the beginning of the POST UTME of various institutions. Most of the institutions stop acknowledging changes via JAMB immediately the POST UTME application has begun.

You still have enough time to take the right decisions.

  1. It Must be noted however, that a candidate CAN NOT change to an Institution that has already concluded POST UTME application/ examination/ screening..


  1. The Candidates’ UTME Subjects MUST correspond with the UTME Subjects of the Course/Institution he is changing to

Example: A candidate who didn’t take Mathematics in the UTME cannot Change to a Course where Mathematics is a Compulsory UTME Subject

8.The Candidate’s O-LEVEL Subjects Combination MUST correspond to the O-LEVEL Subject requirement for the Course or Institution he/ she is applying to

Example: A Candidate who doesn’t have Credit in Mathematics cannot Change to a Course that requires a Credit in Mathematics

  1. Candidates who obtained their O-LEVEL results in two sittings cannot Change to Courses or Institutions that require ONLY one sitting of O-LEVEL Results


  1. A candidate whose UTME Score is lower than the GENERAL CUT OFF POINTS of the Institution/ Course, he/ she has chosen. The general Cut of points will be made public at the JAMB POLICY MEETING in June.

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For instance, a candidate who had applied to UNILAG, UI & some others and had a UTME Score of 199 WON’T be invited for the UNILAG or UI POST UTME because these 2 institutions and few others have their COP constantly pegged at 200.

Therefore, for this Candidate to stand any Chance of admission, he must change his Institution of First Choice from UNILAG, UI to any of the other Universities whose general cut off points is below 200 OR change to a Polytechnic/ College of Education.

NB: Endevour to find out the general Cut of Point of your Institution of First Choice or the one you wish to Change to.

11 A Candidate whose UTME Score is RELATIVELY LOW for a HIGHLY COMPETITIVE Course/ Institution

Example: A Candidate with a UTME Score of 200 will find it VERY DIFFICULT to compete for admission into LAW in the highly Competitive UNILAG, UI, UNN & other very competitive federal universities.

To increase his/her Chances of admission, this particular Candidate must do one of these

(a).Change from LAW to a less Competitive Course and Still remain in UNILAG, UI, UNN, etc

(b). Change from UNILAG, UI, UNN to a LESS Competitive Institution ( State or Federal) where Law is less Competitive, while retaining LAW.

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  1. A Candidate whose UTME Score is relatively Very High but applied for a Less Competitive Course or Institution.

Example 1: One of my students from had wanted to apply for MBBS during the UTME registration but the fear of the Competitiveness of MBBS compelled him to opt for NURSING.

When the UTME RESULT was out, he had a Top score. Excited by such a great Score, he called me to ask if he could change back to MBBS. I did tell him to go on. He got MBBS eventually.

Example 2: Another Candidate from this same Forum had applied for LAW in a less Competitive University. However, having seen a very high UTME Score, she Changed to UNILAG & made it on merit.

CAUTION: In changing from a less Competitive to a Highly Competitive Course/Institution, the Candidate must seek adequate Counselling from an expert in oder to avoid “had i known” at last.


(a). Candidates whose UTME Scores are below the required Cut off Point for ANY of the Universities they can change to should change to the Polytechnic provided that their UTME SCORES meet up to the Cut off Point of that Polytechnic

Candidates whose UTME SCORES” are lower than the Cut Off Points of any Polytechnic they can change to , should Change to a College of Education.

NB: Endeavour to find out the general Cut of Point of your Institution of First Choice or the one you wish to Change to, Today!

  1. The CATCHMENT AREA FACTOR : By the policy of the Federal Government, every Federal University has Certain States of the Federation as it’s Catchment Area.

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By design, every Federal University has all the States within it’s geopolitical Zones as it’s Catchment Arears. 

UNN has all the entire States of South East & South South as it’s Catchment Area

UI, UMUDIKE, UNIPORT, FUPRE, MAKUDI, UNAAB & UNIABUJA have the entire States of the Federation as its Catchment areas

The Catchment Area Principle is designed to give admission advantage to Candidates from the region where a Federal University is located

For example, the admission cut off Point for MBBS in UNILAG in 2022 was 68.875. However all that a candidate from OYO state needed in order to be admitted for MBBS was just 84 while a candidate from Lagos was required to have just 83 aggregate score to make it.

The implication of this is that if two Candidates, A & B from OYO & DELTA States respectively applied to study MBBS in UNILAG last year, if A had 260 UTME SCORE and B had 290.

Assuming both had EXACTLY the same O- LEVEL GRADES & EQUAL POST UTME SCORES, A would have still had better chance of admission.

  • It’s like this in every Zone in Nigeria.

  • Also, every State owned Institution has all the Local Government Areas of that State as it’s Catchment Areas.

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-Therefore, to stand a Better chance of admission, a Candidate Should Change to the Federal University within his or her region or to his/ her State owned higher Institutions.

Don’t be Caught napping. Begin serious preparation immediately for the POST UTME!. Early preparation is key to TOP Performance !

Success all the way….


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