Everything You Need To Know About Hazel Oyeze of BBNaija Whitemoney

The #bbnaijashineyaeye season would be ending today Sunday. here are the fact about the Top BBNaija 6 housemates this season and I’m starting with Whitemoney.
Firstly, Whitemoney caught the attention of many people the moment he stepped on that stage, people fell in love with his personality instantly.
Some grew to like him later while some people still don’t like him which is very understandable. Everyone is permitted to have a choice.
Many things have been said about Whitemoney so far. The most talked about being the fact that he’s using cooking as a strategy. Others like he talks too much, he claims to know too much, he’s pretending, he’s fake, anything for the 90M.
From what I’ve watched so far, ain’t going to counter anyone but if all I’ve seen Whitemoney do on this show is fake and all a strategy, I think if some people apply this kind of fakeness in their life, the world would be a better place.
He played a fair game, didn’t disrespect no one, cooking for more than 20 people for months without complaining, gives a listening ear when necessary, his neatness is on another level. I can go on and on. The truth is you can’t give what you don’t have, Never!
He did well for himself in the house and I’m certain he’d do more outside the house. I’m rooting for him just like I’m rooting for every other housemates both past and present.
Shout-out to the Whitemoney geng, y’all got a king right there.
Nigerians React:
Yes ooo Whittemoney,is a nice guy, I’m a witness,if he is faking is not easy ,I salute him,up wm for the money.
It’s only a fake person that would think WM is fake. You don’t have to be toxic to appear real. Haters will be alright. Crown our champion Mazi tomorrow. A man with pure heart.
I didn’t like him initially but I got to like d guy after two weeks. If he’s fake as some haters said, then they need to congratulate him because it’s not easy to fake neatness and cooking for more than 20 people for months.
Omo he deserves d money Abeg.
Well said. Honestly, no one gives what he/she does not have. If humility, neatness, uprightness and the cooking skills exhibited by WM were all fake for 3 good months, means it’s a divine and perfect strategy. And I will continue to root for such virtues as strategy.

Whitemoney come and be fake cooking good food for me and I will be fake paying you

Truth be told. WM is a paragon of excellence.A guy who made me love BBN, running from work, given excuses, sometimes I forgot taking my bath just to watch a kind of man like this chai, I beg people to vote you, I beg people for their numbers don’t care abt what they may think about me, the #moneygang# we love u alot…a winner is always a winner.
From the beginning I have always loved him because he has a good heart..he deserves to win.


1. Focus
2. Ready to learn & educate himself at any given opportunity
3. Humble
4. Self control
5. Ready to Serve
6. Building others
7. Ready to assist
8. A giver
9. Humility
10. Quick to admit when one is intelligent more than him
11. Love
12. Happiness is his name
13. Peace
14. Leadership
15. A good team player
16. Hardworking
17. If he win we love him, if he no win we love him
18. Grace, the grace is too much
19. Educating
20. Entertaining
21. Kind
22. Caring
23. Honest
24. Consistent
25. Smart
26. Intelligent
27. Please add your own
I started watching big brother in 2005 this is my first time investing emotions and money buying data and airtime for ppl to vote in this i have no interest no benefit in the 90 million but am proud to make a humble man rich just because of this man am a proud fan money gang we move.
Big brother gave wm the best attire so far… This alone has confirmed he is going to win… Same thing during miracle season.
Honestly, you can’t give what you don’t have.even if his fake it isn’t easy to pretend for months and still maintain the faking.i prayed he win the money o a beg.such a nice and considerate guy.
This is actually my first time voting since I have started watching Bbnaija, I bought data just to vote for Maziiiii. I don’t know him from anywhere and he doesn’t know me but I just like his personality. Go and prosper my gee.

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I have never voted B4 but whitemoney changed that, I didn’t get tired of voting for him 4 once. Honestly, he is different….. Am having sleepless night because of this. I know he is not gonna give me 5naira but it’s really disturbing me. I really want him to win. Our efforts should not be in vain God.
Since this program started, this is the first time I voted for anyone. I love you Whitemoney I pray that God will crown you tomorrow as the winner. I continue supporting you Ego ocham.
All i can say is.. I love you and yes i voted for you proudly.. No regrets. For the first time i took bbn serious because of you… I might not watch the next season, i might not vote for anyone ever again cus uve taken all the space in my heart.. Na man you be.. Anybody wey think say ee easy make he or she try am. Goodluck tomorrow my fav.
WM will never win this show and people gonna say votes are rigged because they think majority of the people loves him.
Thank you Biggie for bringing on the show this rare kind-hearted man. Whitemoney made me to change my earlier decision not to vote for any housemates this season. But I became deeply involved in his matter right from the beginning. I am happy I contributed to making a real person great.
Such a good guy everything about him is %100 legit, there is no one is this world can fake his living for 10 weeks we just have to say the truth even those that have been saying all kind of things about him knows the truth, big brother9ja season 6 show is all about whitemoney. Love u so much hommiest.
Wowwuuuu!!!! U can say that often and on dear..u jst nailed it… Whosoever that still hates on Whitemoney, seriously must have a problem with good thing.
If u like adhere or better still don’t…
All I know is that Come rain Comes shine I and my entire family members are for Whitemoney…
Congrats in advance MAZI EGO OCHA!!
One thing I’ll always love whitemoney for is helping queen realise her true worth, instilling confidence in her and helping her love herself even more. she came into that house as a whisper of smoke and left as a roaring flame thanks to her own hardwork to improve herself and being willing to take advice from more experienced individuals.
She tore her walls down and stood on them thanks to her willingness to learn and improve daily. Whitemoney helped set it all in motion and I thank God we still have people like him who are interested in building people up and not tearing them down.

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People who are willing to listen and not judge, people who know that everyday acts of love and kindness no matter how small can make a big difference in the lives of people around them. If that’s the only thing whitemoney did this season then it’s more than enough. Money geng all day long.
I don’t know watch BBNaija before but this season I watched it because of whitemoney I have to called someone to teach me how to vote and I voted with my different email address and phone number just for white money alone.
To people that hate him let me tell u guys is not easy to fake cooking because wen he does that he will get tired before 7days but white money never gets tired of cooking and cleaning and he is happy wen doing it. In dis life anything u do people must talk about it wether good or bad.
My dear, u have said it all but u know, it will be a waste of time trying to convince a monkey that strawberry is sweeter than banana, so it’s allowed for some people to hate him bcos not everyone have a good taste.
My dear writer,
My God will bless you more and More
People hate kindness,
If his attitude is fake,
Then fake life is worthy to be emulated,
His good virtues brought him hatred,
He is the most hated housemate,
Yet he maintains his lane,
My love for his fake life no be here,
GOD bless WhiteMoney
Chaiiii white money nah better person. See me blushing reading these beautiful comments. D money is white.
Can’t love u less Mazi I never voted for any housemates b4 but white money made me restless I voted for him I beg my friends to vote him.
Mazi 90mil awaits u darlin
How is Whitemoney’s cooking a strategy on the side of the viewers? We de eat am? Ka3na no cook for Season 5 Housemates? If cooking was a strategy, why was Ka3na evicted so early in Season 5?
Those Whitemoney cooks for in the House, didn’t they nominate him for eviction? Don’t they hate him? Why did the cooking not become a magic to immune him from nomination? God ordained him before he entered the House!
Jesus was hated even though he was humble and honest to the world. Leave people to their choices. God has already crowned Whitemoney for greatness. Let us talk of Season 7, who will win that one: man or woman?

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Honestly I have been watching bbn but never voted because nothing good has gotten my interest..but you see this year..I voted with reckless abundance…u see this guy whitemoney is the true definitions of love ur neighbour as urself…wm I stan…true love l stan…
To the moneygang may the almighty God bless you for choosing Whitemoney soon and very soon we’ll celebrate victory Sunday will be here well celebrate. I’m proud of you all you did the most and the best I love you all #moneygang90
This is my first time of voting, even laycon I don’t vote for him, I just dey support him online, but I don’t know why I just like you WM…. But I believe is grace thou
I pray any were I go in this life God let my grace speak for me and those that support WM may ur Grace speak for you any where you go.
Truth be told, I have never anticipated in this voting of a thing, let alone going around begging people for numbers and IUC numbers…. But after watching the housemates, I observed that #Whitemoney has a soul ….
A soul that can go hungry for others to eat, a soul that wouldn’t mind to be called names for the sake of others, a soul that promised to kill hatred with kindness and kept to it …. Meenh!!!….. e choke …..
I would love to continue watching #BBNaija, if only I can be viewing people like Whitemoney in the show…… Whitemoney made it has some moral values and worth watching….. Kudos to you dear…

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More winning to you….. I will really miss watching you…. Thank you Whitemoney for not given up making it to the show…. Love you to the back and moon
I voted proudly for Whitemoney and i know he is going to win. He is a rare kind of guy. I came to like him 5days to the game when my hubby told me this guy is always cooking and am like wow and that’s how I kept voting for him, even upgraded my DSTv package to get higher votes all for him.
I don’t Vote when he is not up, yes I am that stingy Tomorrow, he wins, we all win #Moneygeng
It’s true
” U can’t give what u don’t have, never!
Some tagged him to be fake but if only we can apply his type of fakeness in our life and endeavors, the world would be a better place.

Kudos To Whitemoney.

He really taught us a lot within these few months…
He has self control, he is humble, Cheerful, Accommodating
And he is a neat guy.
Whitemoney even as d show ends tomorrow, I know ur footprint will never be forgotten.
Keep being u. Whitemoney with a pure heart.
Chai, this write up really touched me, I used to think bbnaija is all about yansh, boobs, immorality etc, chai, but this guy helped me change my understanding about bbnaija.

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I have never watched the show in the past before, but with this guy I learnt so many things from watching this show, he’s a definition of a real hustler. Chai seriously I love him so much. God bless the womb that carried you for nine months and I sincerely pray you come out with the grand prize cos sincerely he deserves it.
What caught my attention first was when he walked in to the house and knelt down and thanked God. He saw his getting into the house as a privilege and he didn’t forget to appreciate God.
Secondly, Everytime he talks, you find so much wisdom in his voice. The kitchen was his true companion. He can’t be faking for this long na. Na man e be na. Again, he helped Queen realize her self worth and never interested in sleeping with her.
People like Angel came with the approach of nudity thinking it will work all the time. Do you think whitemoney doesn’t feel like having sex?
He does but he is a rare breed and I respect him. For the first time Nigerians are realizing it can’t be nakedness all the time to win it. I will be the happiest person if white money wins.
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