Everything You Need to Know About CoreDAO (CORE)

What Is CoreDAO (CORE)?

CoreDAO exists to build the Satoshi Plus ecosystem starting with the launch of the Core blockchain. We are building Web3 infrastructure & promoting public blockchains built on Bitcoin’s PoW combined with Ethereum’s EVM.

What are the main values of Core DAO?

Core DAO’s vision is a society where everyone, globally, has the same opportunity to participate and where people are free to choose how they participate in the society.

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Our mission is to build a new world economic system based on Satoshi Plus consensus that is decentralized, permission less, and open to everyone.

We believe that: – Code is law – in math we trust – Anyone can contribute – permission less – Everyone is free to choose what they like – community driven – No one is above the law.

Who are the people behind CoreDAO?

The Satoshi Plus consensus was built by an anonymous group of contributors and will be released as an open source project to the public. CoreDAO is made up of a decentralized group of contributors building the Core blockchain and supporting the Satoshi Plus ecosystem.

What is the biggest benefit compared to other L1s?

The Core Blockchain runs on Satoshi Plus consensus, a combination of PoW and DPoS (delegated BTC hashpower and delegated CORE staking).

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This combination enables the Core blockchain to have the scalability and security of other L1’s with the addition of the decentralization only Bitcoin’s PoW can provide. Decentralization via Bitcoins PoW, combined with EVM compatibility, and governance.

CoreDAO Withdrawal Update

Users who already linked CORE Withdrawal Address before 6th February, now has their asset shifted to the “Frozen” side.

CoreDAO Withdrawal Update

That’s normal. When withdrawal of asset is made, it always goes to frozen. Then when delivered, the history will show.

This isn’t just about Satoshi app alone, but every crypto app. If u make withdrawal, when it’s on processing mode, asset will be frozen, then when completed you will see in the history.

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Users who didn’t link address before 6th Feb still has their $CORE on available side.

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