Everything You Can Do With The USB Ports of Your TV With Android TV

Televisions with Android TV have meant a great advance for enjoying almost any content, among other things, to their ability to connect to different streaming services.

In addition to this, Android TV goes further and it has USB ports that we can use to expand your horizons, such as connecting a mouse to navigate or a controller to play.

USB Cord

We can use USB to transmit files such as photos, documents or videos, but these have other uses that will allow you to get the most out of your Android TV.

Connect Any Accessory…

One of the functions that we take advantage of the most is the ability to connect any accessory (with a USB connector, of course) to our TV. I usually use a keyboard and mouse to move through menus quickly or to browse the web as if it were a computer.

This type of accessory makes it easier for us to use it, but be careful that the USB cable is long enough to reach your hands. As we have said before, you can connect a USB flash drive to read files such as photos or music.

Use it as a Charging Station

In addition to connecting accessories that make our lives easier, USB ports allow us to charge our devices such as mobile phones and wearables, among others.

It is very common to come home with the battery of our mobile almost to a minimum, but do not despair, connect your mobile to the TV and avoid having to look for the charger.

USB Ports for Android TV

Install Applications From Outside The Google Play Store

Although we find a huge number of applications in the official store, our televisions with Android TV have the possibility of installing external apps, just like on mobile phones, which we download in APK format.

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Do not forget to use trusted pages to obtain your APKs and avoid malware problems that harm your security and that of your device. Once you have downloaded the APK file of the application you want to install, don’t forget to copy it to a flash drive to proceed with the installation.

Record Your Favorite Shows and Series, Directly From The TV

Currently, we find most of the content on streaming platforms or directly on the web, but it may be that you have missed the latest episode of your favorite series or a program that you watch regularly.

Don’t worry, everything has a solution, and that is that we can use USB storage to record the screen of your Android TV to later enjoy the content in question.

USB Cord

Connect your flash drive or external hard drive to one of the USB ports, and use one of the applications available for it . It is not a complex process although it does involve some initial configuration.

Expand The Internal Memory of Your Android TV

Devices that have Android TV installed do not have a large internal memory capacity available, so you can have a full memory if you install many apps that you use in your day to day. One of the possible solutions to this problem is to use external storage, such as a hard drive.

When connecting the storage device, a message will appear on the television for possible actions, some manufacturers will allow us to use them as internal memory. In this way we solve one of the main problems of televisions with Android TV.

Play your favorite games with one controller

USB Ports for Android TV

Again, the USB port allows us a wide variety of functions, such as playing our favorite titles with a gamepad or controller. Use the USB cable to connect a compatible controller (check beforehand that all the buttons work) and you can play as if it were a console . For example, you can resume games on streaming services like Xbox Game Pass, or simply use it as a controller.

Update Android TV system

Like any other smart device, your television is updated with important improvements and fixes. In general, Android TV manages updates automatically, or if you have them disabled, you can manage them in the settings.

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However, it may be useful to reinstall the system or update it via USB , first getting the firmware packages for your model. This way the update is cleaner and we can restore the TV to its factory state if you have any problems.

Connect a webcam and make video calls from the living room

We are used to making video calls from our mobile phones, but did you know that your Android TV can also make them? Try connecting a webcam to the USB port to see if it works. Not all of them are compatible because they need the corresponding drivers. However, you can buy one that is compatible from the factory and so you can go to meetings or calls with family members and be seen .

USB ports

Use an audio adapter or USB hub

If you need higher audio quality, you can use an audio adapter or DAC (for its acronym in English), it is very useful for specific cases. Before purchasing a DAC, check its compatibility with Android TV.

On the other hand, using a USB hub we will expand the ports and we will be able to connect more devices if your Android TV does not have the number of ports you need.

The versatility provided by the USB connection is infinite. You can do almost anything that comes to mind and take advantage of the television for many tasks. Undoubtedly, Smart TVs have meant an advance that few of us imagined a few years ago. It depends on your needs, there is Android TV to make your life easier.

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