Erica Got Disqualified Because She Was in Haste of Winning a Man’s Heart

I’m an icon but lemme clearly say this mostly to the Elites that are calling Kidd a betrayal and other ill names.

  • Kidd never asked Erica to disrespect or hate any housemate because of him.
  • Kidd never forced himself trying to make out with her on national TV,
  • Kidd never asked her to threaten any housemate with a violent word,
  • Kidd is a guy and he understands how hurting what Erica did to Laycon can be.

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How would you feel being body shamed by an opposite sex and to make things worse it happens to be coming from someone you’ve been good friends with before any misunderstanding stepped in.

Laycon isn’t perfect I agree but that guy deserves an accolade please.

How many of us can tolerate what Laycon tolerated yesterday night, some guys wouldn’t have minded beating and insulting Erica on the international TV without the fear of being disqualified but Laycon kept mute and that really defines the love he preached.

Let’s call a spade a spade and stop calling it shovel, Erica got disqualified because she was in a haste of winning a man’s heart instead of concentrating on the game, don’t blame Laycon for her disqualification.


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