Endsars Protest is Something I Would Never Forget in a Hurry, Jane

Good afternoon readers, what is the part you are taking in this on going protest in Nigeria?

#EndSars protest is gradually spreading like a wild fire around Nigeria. The protest has gotten unexpected croud, the young and old, workers and student, traders, civilians and civil, entertainers, their fans and even the jobless.

All categories of people in the country from different state have all come out to lend their voice to one movement which is the End of Sars.

According to the people of Nigeria, these section of the military has commted more than enough to Nigeria youths and the nation at large.

The people are now fed up and screaming enough is enough. Now they are seeking for the Government to dissolve these Sars section and then reform the Nigeria police, educate them to stop killing youths just because they are wearing expensive clothes and carrying expensive gadgets. Looking good or rich is not a crime.

The fact remain that not everybody that has laptops, iPhones, or any other mobile gadgets are Yahoo guys.

This protest will always remain positive in the life of some youths in Nigeria as one of the protesters got blessed with millions of naira.

There is a young lady whose name is Jane. She has shown herself to be a true civilian, and patriotic citizen of the country and as such won the hearts of the youth. The protesters blessed her for her relentness not minding her present condition. Jane just got herself a free prothestic appiontment after an initial go fund me account created for her with the aim to pay for it.

Now jane has a go fund me account with 4 million naira and more, this is because it is growing as the hour goes by. Her God has definitely remembered her.

Endsars protest is something I would never forget in a hurry, as its a year of blessing for me. Now I can apply for jobs, after being out of job since the year 2013.

Below her pictures of her in the protest ground.

What do you think of this?. We pray to be at the right place at the time, that would connect us to our blessings and change our lives forever.

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