#EndSars: Police is Now The Sacrificial Lamb -Inspector Adeleke and Ojogbon Tope Aladejobi

It is no longer a news that Nigeria youths are out there to continue with the massive protest around the country against Nigeria Government to end the service of Nigeria Police Force most especially the Special Anti-robery Squad SARS. #EndSars

Meanwhile, Nigerians have forgotten the fact that Nigeria Police are playing a vital role to safe lives and properties.

Inspector Adeleke and Ojogbon Tope Aladejobi wrote:

Wear police uniform today, you will know how terrible and difficult it is for police to operate in corrupt society like ours.

How many of those protesting against the police ever reported his or her husband, wife, child, brother, sister etc. to the police if they committed crime and insisted that they should be punished according to law?

Instead, whenever their brethren is arrested for certain offences, they will do anything to secure his or her release, legally or otherwise. Who is now the problem, police or society?

He who is without sin should cast the first stone. It is one of the societal norms that whenever a DPO is posted to a station, elders of such community will visit the DPO and demand cooperation. You would later realized that such cooperation means to compromise ethics of the profession.

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If DPO refused to render such cooperation and insisted that the right thing must be done. Elders will now mobilize themselves, visit the command CP and demand for removal of such DPO, on ground that the DPO is not respecting them.

DPO will now loose the seat because he or she refused to compromise standard. For any DPO to enjoy long stay and cordial relationship with the host community. He must dance to the tune of the elders of that community, who might demand the release of suspects illegally.

Heavy Military Deployed Against EndSars Protest in Abuja

Police finds it difficult if not impossible to discharge their duty as specifies by the law, due to the corrupt environment in which they operate. Interruptions from top to bottom in the cases under investigation. Sometimes, an officer must compromise to save his or her job, even to remain alive.

Most Nigerians engage in dubious act and one form of corruption or the other. Majority of them are fraudsters in their offices, businesses, relationship with others etc. I challenge those protesting against police, let one person come out and declare that he or she has never harm Nigerians.

It is pathetic to see that Yahoo boys, cultists, arm robbers, kidnappers etc. who harm Nigerians more, are the ones spearheading protest against police.

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People should rather appreciate police officers. They risk their lives to protect you, with poor welfare and working condition. Their chicken salary hardly feeds a senator’s Dog in a month. Hardly a week runs out without hearing that a police officer loose his or her life while on duty.

Those who think police officers are the bad boys missed the road. The problem is the entire system. Police cannot work in isolation. We are all responsible for this mess. Everyone should share the blame. Not police alone.

The Prisoners at Benin City Were Not Released by End SARS Protesters -Nifemi

It is a fact that there is bad eggs in the police. But, their actions should not justify the recent hatred against the police. Or, let government withdraw the service of police officers across the country, for just 24 hours, and let see how many Nigerians will survive the 24 hours.

It is unfortunate to see society like ours going against police. Just yesterday, governor’s forum had a meeting with IGP, during which they ordered him to fish out police officers who killed protesters. Not minding officers who were killed by protesters.

Edo State Government Has Announced 24 Hour Curfew Across The State.

Even number one citizen of the country, while addressing protesters, promised to investigate police brutality against people. Neglecting people brutality against police.

IGP, while having audience with protesters, promised to investigate all their complains. But, refused to speak or complain about his officers killed by protesters.

No government house, in the entire 36 States, that you will not find more than 15 police officers providing security to governor and his people. Also, no serving governor in Nigeria can move freely in his State without police escort. But, today, they turn their back against police.

Musicians and other celebrities who cannot move freely on Street without police, due to fear of kidnappers, are the ones leading protest against police. What an irony of life.

Nobody is disputing the fact that NPF needs reform. But, it is worthy to note that any reform in NPF will achieve little success in this type of society. The entire country needs reform. We have a decay system. Moreover, we need to change our mindset as people for things to take shape. Police is never the problem, but, attitude of Nigerians.

Endsars Protest is Something I Would Never Forget in a Hurry, Jane

If I may ask, is there any sector/section of our Nation that is not corrupt? Even in our so called “House of God” where saints should abound, sinners hold sway mainly from the corrupt tendencies. As you read this, ask yourself if what you accused Police of, is not in you?

To all police officers, today, the people you protect with your blood rejected you. The Government and your leaders turn their back against you. This shouldn’t deter you. Consider this as trial moment for you, and, it will soon be over. God knows your situation and will fight your battle.

SARS is Just a Microcosm of Our Bigger Problem as a Nation; We Are All SARS

It is time for you to be strong and courageous. Remain resolute and steadfast. Also, remain loyal to constituted authority. Always remember your oath of allegiance. Be patient, at the end of it all, the victory would be yours. God bless Nigeria!

©Inspector Adeleke and Ojogbon Tope Aladejobi

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