EndSars: Don’t Be an Instrument of Destruction

Dear Nigerians,

Do not allow ANYONE guilt trap you for supporting the #EndSARS
#Insecurity #SecureNorth #ENDSWAT protests across the country.

It is a constitutional right, and a vast, majority of law abiding youth exercised it peacefully. What you asked for was for justice, security and accountability. Don’t forget that.

CACOVID: Lagos State Government Condemned The Vandalization of The Warehouse at Mazamaza

Violence broke out when ill intentioned people and politicians sponsored thugs to hijack the protests, attacking peaceful protesters and destroying critical government infrastructure. This is condemnable and should never be condoned in a sane society.

This was for them to legitimize the use of force against peaceful protesters. Every honest person who wants to say the truth, knows that for over 8 days, the protests were peaceful.

#EndSars: Morayo Afolabi Weeps as Hoodlums Attacked TVC

Everyone must exercise much restraint during this trying times and constructively engage government. If there’s anything I can assure you, is your life is more important, and the change you seek can only happen when you are alive.

If anybody is instigating you to go do something that puts peoples life at risk, please don’t. Resist the urge to engage in such. Again, I reiterate, remove your bigotry earplugs, and know that this is about Nigeria, not you, not your ambition that is costing lives.

#EndSARS #SecureNorth

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