EMP: Endsars Memorial Protest Live Updates

In Lagos, celebrities and activists have joined a car procession at the Endsars Memorial #EndSARSMemorial protest at Lekki tollgate in Lagos.

This is despite a ban on protests in Lagos and the heavy presence of armed police personnel at the tollgate.

The celebrities and other activities who turned up at the tollgate with their cars were seen waving Nigerian flags from inside the vehicles and honking the horns while singing solidarity songs. Punch News.

Updates From Abuja (Endsars Memorial Protest)

Security operatives blocked the path of some #EndSARSMemorial protesters in Abuja, IgbereTV reports.

Some of the security operatives were armed.

I went out last year in solidarity for the end-SARS protest.And what was the result? Boys collected my phone.

That phone wasn’t up to 2-months old. It was collected not by SARS officials, not by the army, not by civil defense, heck, not by the navy or any other military structure. It was collected by fellow Nigerian youths @ gunpoint. And then the era of unknown gun men was birthed. Prison doors were thrown open etc.

I don’t know if the youths who got that phone were recruited by politicians, but I known that they were my fellow youths.

I thank God that all I lost was just a phone. But people lost more. Here in Uyo, shops and business premises were burnt because youths were fighting against SARS.

I agree that we have idiots in the police force, but Nigerian youths whom I believe are more educated and more enlightened should learn to think logically and not emotionally.

May the souls of the over 100 souls that James Nwafor killed in Anambra State continue to Rest in Perfect Peace.
It has been over 10 years that their body was thrown into the sea for the fishes to devour, but not a single entity said anything about their deaths or memorial.
Na hypocrisy and hatred go kill all the enemies of this country one by one.
And their death was perpetrated by this same SARS most evil policeman.
Tufiakwa!!Let’s get back to the protest ground,
No hoodlums will destroy People’s personal business today,
Like they did last year.
We moveeeeweee

Who is SARS

SARS is a four letter word
Referring to men who think they are God
Old men with potbelly
The bringers of CalamityWHO IS SARS
Men with white agbada
Embezzling Public funds
Old fools; Yoruba call them agbaya
They the riders we the horses

Old men who gave the order
On the day youths gather
Spitting Out our pains
Shoot them; Let bullets Rain
It was a black night in OctoberGreen and White in Blood
Everyday we will remember the Lekki massacre
One day SARS Must Pay for their Sins
Today, Tomorrow or the Day After
I pledge on The soil Of My Fatherland
That SARS would be brought to Book

Written By Adisa Opeyemi Samuel

Government Has Failed To Resolve Issues, Police Brutality -Saraki

Former Senate President, Bukola Saraki said that the government has failed to resolve issues raised by the youths during EndSARS protest in October 2020.

Saraki said today that despite sobering events of that day, none of the NPF officers accused of torturing and extrajudicially murdering Nigerians have been brought to justice.

The former Senate President also explained that incidents of torture in security facilities across the country still existed and no improvement in the funding or quality of the Nigeria Police Force.

Part of the statement read: “On the first anniversary of October 20th, 2020, like many Nigerians, I have struggled with coming to terms with the sobering events of that day.

“Thoughts and Prayers those who lost their lives, loved ones, sustained injuries, or sustained various losses at the Lekki Toll Gate and at various locations in Lagos and around the country when security agencies were deployed to clamp down on the protests and non-state actors took advantage to cause chaos and mayhem.

“It is worrying that despite the acceptance of the “5 for 5 Demands,” nothing has really been done to resolve the issues that caused the protests in the first place.

“Also none of the perpetrators of the attacks on Nigerians exercising their rights to peaceful assembly have been arrested or prosecuted, despite many of them being identified Instead, young Nigerians are still held in detention facilities across the country without trial.”

According to Saraki, it appeared that the lessons that ought to be learnt from the events last year have been lost.

He hoped that common sense prevailed and the young people who seek to hold events to mark the first anniversary of the events at the Lekki Toll Gate be allowed to peacefully gather and be protected from any forms of violence.

“Today represents an opportunity for the government to begin the police and justice sector reforms our country so badly needs. It is an opportunity I appeal to the government to take.

“This is the only way we can honour the memory of those who gave their lives for this cause,” Saraki said.

Saraki remains the best ever senate president Nigeria ever had, his people never failed to elect him, the election was rigged to make sure he get out of office because he is giving the current president problem, you people hate the truth that’s why you’re asking who is, all the point he make is very valid it’s been one year none of the demands where met and Those who ordered crackdown on protesters nothing happened instead they still argued till date, learn to accept the fact whenever anyone speak the truth regardless of their political status or religion beliefs.
Protester arrested in Lagos today during interview with newsmen. Click to watch video
One of the last year protesters said: They should keep it up. I protested for a better Nigeria last year but almost got shot down. This year, I ain’t protesting shit.
Who goes to a gunfight with a pen and placard?I think Nigeria is beyond redemption. The only thing that’ll get my attention is movement for the emancipation of the ethnic nationalities.
Simply put, the only struggle I’ll be involved in henceforth is for Biafra.Is the sign on the wall not clear enough? This whole endsars thing doesn’t concern the north. Let the various nationalities bail out of the sinking ship that Nigeria is and fight for their survival.
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