Each Other Chapter Two and Three – A True Life Story By Omoyemen Osekhale

Each Other Chapter Two and Three Continue from Chapter One

“Wake up.”
When I mumbled the word through my exhaustion, curling further into my pillow, someone let out a frustrated sigh near me.
“Wake the fuck up.” This time the irate tone caused me to force my eyes open, although I could hardly see anything. It took me a couple of moments but the longer I was awake, the more aware of my senses I became.
I rested my head on my pillow, savoring the warmth it gave me as I let out a tired yawn.
It felt like I was moving and I couldn’t really hear much going on apart from the sound of an engine and cars passing us.
Also the only light coming into the place I was in was from the edges around the door. It was extremely cold and the ground was solid, like wood. After all my analysis I came to the conclusion that I was in fact inside a moving van.
Sherlock Holmes would be so proud.
I probably should have been more alarmed at the situation I found myself in but I was still extremely tired at that point. Every single inch of my body was burning in pain, reminding me of the incident I had with Ayden when he cut me with the knife and also my encounter with those masked men who threw me on the floor.
A few moments passed before a sudden thought occurred to me and my hand instantly went to my neck in search. Relief washed me when my hand met with the cool metal of the necklace my mother gave me to me for my birthday a couple of weeks before she died.

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It was something I never ever took off and it was the one thing I would never let Ayden get his hands on. Apart from that, he had access to all my other belongings.
Once my thoughts drifted away from my necklace, I lay there for a moment, still trying to process what was going on until my mind finally seemed to process the scent next to me.
I turned my head towards what I originally thought was my pillow, inhaling slightly just to make sure that it really did smell of a deep woody fragrance but also with a hint of freshness. Although I wasn’t an expert on fragrances, I knew this wasn’t the scent of a fabric conditioner.
Unless fabric conditioners smell like men’s aftershave now.
As soon as I moved back a little, I became aware of the warmth radiating from his body and how my hands were clenching onto the the soft material of his seemingly rather expensive T-shirt.
So yes, it wasn’t a pillow.
“Who the hell are you?”
I suddenly shuffled away from the stranger I was just curled up against, trying to make out his facial features although in the dim lighting I couldn’t see a thing.
“I should be asking you the same fucking question. You were the one who wouldn’t let me fucking go.”
“So I like to cuddle? There’s no need for the bad language.” I shook my head at him, ignoring the way his deep velvety voice sent shivers down my spine.
The man let out a scoff, moving away from me to the other side of the van to put some distance between us. He was now leaning against one wall while I leaned against the other.

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“Who the fuck are you?”
“I-” Before I could even try to introduce myself, he cut me off and continued speaking.
“Why would you get involved in something that doesn’t involve you? Why didn’t you just walk away? Are you fucking stupid?”
“Well if you think I’m going to introduce myself to you after speaking to me like that, you’re very wrong.” Although I was sure he couldn’t see me, I was glaring at him as I spoke. “As for getting involved, I was only trying to help you.”
“I didn’t need any help, especially not from someone like you, I had it handled.”
“Okay so the fact you’re in a moving van right now would suggest otherwise, idiot. And what do you mean someone like me?” When I said this, he just let out a curse word under his breath.
“You’re a girl.” As soon as he said that, I let out a laugh.
Sexist pig, doesn’t he know girls are an essential part of human life?
“So? Just because I have a vagina that doesn’t mean I can’t help someone.”
Instead of laughing at my attempt to lighten the mood while also getting my point across he just let out a frustrated groan. “Well you clearly didn’t help, did you? You just got yourself kidnapped too, you stupid little girl. Now just shut the fuck up and let me think.”

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Thankfully he couldn’t see when I flinched at the harsh words he used or the hurt expression on my face.
Stupid little girl was actually a pretty accurate description for me. I was the stupid little girl who moved in with Ayden and now who got herself kidnapped with an asshole of a stranger.
It fell silent for a few moments until the van jerked to a sudden stop and soon the sounds of car doors opening and closing surrounded us from the outside. I took a nervous breath, keeping my eyes on the doors when I heard the sounds of footsteps on the gravel outside the van getting closer.
As I expected, the doors were then opened and of course I was blinded by the light that flowed into the van instantly. Before I could try to adjust my vision, I felt myself being pulled out of the van by two strong hands. I was put down on the gravelly floor in my stupid heels from last night before I was led somewhere.
More like dragged, actually.
“I didn’t say you could touch me.”
“I don’t need to ask for permission princess.”
So it’s that bitch again.
The same man from last night breathed close to my neck as he spoke causing me to grimace at the feeling of his moist breath on my skin.

From what I remembered, he was the leader of this whole shitshow.

“You don’t own me.” I heard someone chuckle in the background when I said this while the man holding me just kicked open the door. I could hear a commotion behind us probably from the angry man who was trying to fight back again like last night.
He didn’t strike me as the type of person to go down without a fight, especially after the threats he shouted at them too.
Once we were inside, the man dragged me through the dark hallways, down some stairs and round multiple times before we finally reached a door.
I had no clue how I would ever get out of here, there was no way I’d remember the route back to that door which led to the outside world.
“This room was meant just for you Agnello but since Princess here decided to get herself involved, you two can room together.” Before I could correct him in what he said, ask him who Agnello was or tell him I refuse to share a room with a man, he opened the door to the room we were being put in.
As soon as I was pushed inside the cool air in the room stung against my bare skin, contrasting with the warmer air of the hallways. Instead of looking around the room, I turned around just in time to see them push the man into the room although his back was to me so I couldn’t see his face yet.
As soon as he was pushed inside, he lunged forward, grabbing the man who had just been holding him. My eyes widened when he grabbed him by the throat, slamming him roughly up against the wall, before throwing his fist into the man’s face.
The sound of crack echoed through the room we were in and soon the man let out a scream, clutching his nose. Before he could punch him again though, more men came in and pushed him away breaking up the one sided fight.
Once they’d gotten him far away from their friend, they helped him up before the leader turned his attention back to me. This was the first time that I’d gotten to see him clearly in the light without his mask and let me tell you, he wasn’t what I expected.
He was old .
“My name is George by the way. I’ll be seeing you again soon, try not to get on his bad side while you’re in here.”
George sent me a wink causing me to glare at him instantly.
It was kind of gross how he was behaving considering he looked like he was in his sixties. He used the nickname Princess in such a flirty tone as if he thought it would make me want to…do things with him.
Unfortunately for him, sex was the last thing on my mind at that point. I was too busy trying to stay alive. Plus, after all my painful encounters with Ayden, I didn’t find any pleasure in sex anymore. None whatsoever.
When he left, he slammed the door shut and locked it with two different locks causing me to flinch at the loud sounds. Ignoring the urge to go and try to open the door, after a moment of getting over the shock of being locked away, I started to look around the tiny room.
Apart from being freezing cold, the dimly lit room looked pretty basic, not like a cell but definitely not like a normal bedroom. There was a door leading to what seemed like a small bathroom, a window with iron bars over it, a chair and table and a small single bed pushed up against the wall with one pillow and one blanket.
Finally, I turned around to face the angry man who was now looking out the window, his body completely tense. Like I noticed last night he was quite tall and well built, from what I could see he had a strong jaw line and perfect brown hair.
The kind of hair you wanted to run your hands through.
Okay so I thought you weren’t thinking about sex?
Shaking the thought of my head, I continued to take in his appearance.
His arms which were exposed by his T-shirt were covered in tattoos contrasting with his olive toned skin, reaching all the way down to the back of his hands. I could even see tattoos peaking out from his shirt around the back of his neck and one on the side of his neck.
Is now a good time to mention tattoos on a guy were my biggest turn on?
The colour of his skin along with the name Agnello, suggested that he wasn’t just American, possibly part Italian or Spanish.
He had bruises and cuts all over his face from last night, he also had busted knuckle probably from when he tried to fight back.
The first thing I noticed was that he had a hard glare on his face and he was gripping the bars with his hands in tight fists around them emphasising his busted knuckles even more.
At the sound of my voice breaking through the silence, his body tensed up even more and he clenched his jaw, still keeping his eyes on the view out the window.
“What’s your name?” My tone came out pretty quiet since I was terrified I would anger him and push him over the edge. From our conversation in the van, he didn’t seem like the most friendly person I’d ever met, especially with that glare on his face.
“Carson.” He let out a sigh before he spoke again. “Carson Agnello.”
Carson Agnello.
That name sounded extremely familiar, like I’d heard it somewhere before but I couldn’t quite pin point where. Maybe I’d heard someone say it before or maybe I’d read about him somewhere.
“Well, I’m Daniela, you can call me Dani if you want to.” When he just let out a frustrated sigh in response to my words, I stupidly continued speaking.
“Or you don’t have to call me Dani if you prefer not to.”
Finally, clearly having had enough, he turned to look at me giving me an incredulous look allowing me to see his face properly.
When I tell you he was probably the most beautiful human being I’d ever laid eyes on, even with the injuries, it’s not an exaggeration, not even in the slightest.
Just as he was about to burst into whatever hurtful rant he had planned in his head, he suddenly froze, staring at me in shock.
His eyes remained on me, taking in my appearance for the first time since we met. When he continued to stare at my face and then at my body, I looked down to see that my white dress was extremely dirty. My arms and particularly my legs were covered in dirt, while my legs also had dried blood on from the cuts on my knees.

No wonder he was staring at me like that, I looked horrendous.

I let out a grimace imagining what my face and hair must look like when he suddenly let out a laugh catching me by surprise. I watched him as he laughed before shaking his head. Unfortunately it wasn’t a humorous laugh, he actually sounded very angry.
“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” His laughter cut off and he ran a hand over his face before letting out a frustrated sigh. “Someone up there is playing a sick fucking game with me right now.”
“What’s wrong?”
When I spoke, clearly confused by his behaviour, his eyes snapped over to mine, suddenly becoming cold – colder than the room we were in. Like sub zero degree kind of cold.
I watched as he made his way over to me, giving me one of the most intimidating, terrifying glares I’d ever been on the receiving end of. When I instinctively stepped back, he followed me until I was pressed up against the wall.
Nevermind Ayden, or even Atticus, this man was something worse. Much worse.
“If you even so much as fucking speak to me again, I swear to God, I will kill you.”
All I could do was try to press myself tighter against the wall, gulping nervously when he spat the words at me in a low cold tone. He held my stare for a moment longer before he finally walked away, dropping down onto the bed across the room from where I was.
Since he was on the bed, I walked over to the wall furthest away from him although the room was tiny anyway, before I slid down to the floor. I took my heels off before I pulled my knees to my chest, wrapping my arms around my legs before I rested my head on my knees.
Now that the adrenaline that came from being thrown into this room had finally started to wear off, I could feel the pain from every injury on my body. It also didn’t help that I was shivering from how cold I was, my dirty dress did nothing to keep me warm.
It was probably silent for at least half an hour, neither of us moving or saying a word, until I finally stood to my feet once I’d had enough of sitting on the cold floor. I was sure he was looking at me when I used the wall to support myself, biting my lip to stop myself from whimpering from the pain in my upper body following Ayden’s beatings over the last few days.
I didn’t have to check to know I had dark purple bruises covering my stomach and my ribs and no doubt that cut was either open again or infected by the way it was burning.
Using the wall for support, I limped barefoot to the bathroom, closing the door behind myself. The small bulb in the room flickered when I turned the light on, but it was bright enough for me to be able to see myself in the small mirror.
To say I was a mess would be an understatement. I looked like a homeless hooker who’d been jumped by a group of thugs.
My hair was no longer in neat curls and instead was knotty and messy. My make up was smudged and there was a cut on my forehead along with dirt dotted around my face. I had bruises and all over my shoulders and arms probably from their manhandling of me while I was asleep.
I let out a sigh, turning around to look at the small shower which thankfully worked when I tested it although the water was freezing. Just as I was about to take my dress off for a much needed shower I realised there were no towels or spare clothes in here.
What was the point of having a shower in this bathroom then?
There wasn’t even a first aid kit to change my bandage on my cut or tend to my other fresh wounds, but they did give toothpaste and some toothbrushes weirdly.
I let out a frustrated sigh, before I glanced over at the door. I tried to weigh up my options first but when I decided I didn’t want to put my dirty dress back on my soaking wet body after a shower, I went back into the freezing cold room.
Without looking at Carson who was still sitting on the bed, I limped over to the metal door, banging my fist on it.
“Hey! Open the door!” I continued to bang on the door for a moment, stopping every few seconds to listen for the sound of any movement on the other side of the door.
“What the fuck are you doing?” At the sound of his deep, velvety voice behind me, my assault on the door stopped but I didn’t turn around to look at him. After his death threat, I didn’t want to see if he was telling the truth or not.
“I need a towel and some clothes.” My words came out in a mumble as I debated on telling him about the first aid kit worrying he would question me, but then I remembered he didn’t care and he probably never would. “And a first aid kit.”
“You know banging like that will only piss them off, that’s if they can hear you.”
“They should have thought about that before dumping me in this ice box of a room with you then.”
Carson didn’t say another word to me after that and just as I began to pound on the door again, the sound of the lock clicking caused me to step back. Seconds later the door swung open revealing the same leader from earlier.

Each Other Chapter Three

“What the fuck is wrong with you? How can such a small little thing make so much noise?” He let out an exasperated sigh as his eyes raked over my figure.
I wasn’t even that small really. I was 5’3″ – that’s a good size.
“You didn’t give us any towels, or clothes.”
“So?” He rose an eyebrow at me causing me to let out a scoff. ” So, go and get some and bring a first aid kit too.”
“Listen Princess, you’re not at a fucking five star resort.”
“Clearly. They would already have towels in the room if I was.” My quick response caused him to let out a chuckle although I really wasn’t trying to be funny.
Taking his laughter as a good sign, I continued speaking.
“Bring Carson something too.” As I said this I glanced over at the man in question who was watching me with an intense gaze. “Don’t forget to bring underwear too.”
When George rose an eyebrow at my last addition, a blush rose up on my cheeks and I looked away awkwardly.
I knew it was an awkward thing to say in front of two strangers but I wasn’t wearing a bra with my dress so I needed one and there was no way I was wearing dirty panties.
After a moment the man just let out a sigh and nodded his head.
“Fine, but this is the last fucking time you get to make any demands Princess.”
“That’s what you think.” I gave him a smirk causing him to roll his eyes. Just as he went to turn around, he turned back to face me, his gaze focused much lower than my face this time.
“If you ever got bored in here, you’re welcome to join me in my room for a night.”
“I have a boyfriend.” I folded my arms over my chest, trying to hide my breasts from his gaze although it didn’t do much to help.
Those words kind of felt like my last defence. If he wasn’t going to respect me and my wishes and I physically couldn’t stop him from coming on to me, maybe the threat of another man would stop him? I guess I just panicked.
But, as soon as I mentioned Ayden I instantly regretted it, the words just came out automatically before I could stop them. It’s not like Ayden even knew where I was and I doubt he was even bothered that I was gone.
“He’s not here, is he?”
“Well either way, I’d rather stay in here, thank you.” Once again he laughed at my response, nodding his head before he left the room, locking it again behind himself. The room was awkwardly silent when I limped over to the chair, carefully sitting down so that I didn’t aggravate my injuries.
Some time passed by in silence as neither of us spoke until the door opened revealing some blonde guy I’d never met before who called out in an atrocious attempt at a female voice.
“Housekeeping.” I rolled my eyes at his entrance, watching as he went over to the bed where Carson was sitting, dropping down two piles of clothes and some towels on the bed. Seconds later someone else came into the room behind him with a first aid kit.
Since Carson was the closest, he picked up one pile, looking at the T-shirt and shorts they’d given to me along with a thong and absolutely no bra in sight.
“You motherfuckers expect her to wear this shit? She has the right to cover up and it’s fucking freezing in here. Go and get her something to wear over the top.”
“No can do, its boss’s orders. He wants to be able to see his Princess in her entirety, boobs too.” A shiver of disgust ran through me when the man looked over at me with a smirk, his eyes roaming over my body, stopping at my breasts for emphasis.
Suddenly Carson stood up, stepping towards the blonde guy causing his perverted smirk to drop almost instantly.
“You need to learn to show some fucking respect.”
I can’t lie and I say I wasn’t surprised that Carson was defending me because I definitely was. I was shocked, actually. After our couple of short conversations today something told me we wouldn’t ever get along with each other.
I mean, he told me he would kill me for talking to him, I couldn’t exactly see us holding hands walking through a meadow any time soon.
Carson lifted his fist to punch the rude blonde guy but before he could even try, the other guy who brought the first aid kit in, grabbed Carson’s arm.
“I don’t think that’s such a good idea Agnello. You don’t want to know what we’re capable of.” When he said this, he glared at Carson before his eyes met mine for a second telling me that he meant that threat for me too.
He eventually let go of Carson’s arm, shoving him backwards slightly and the two of them left the room, locking it behind themselves again.
Carson didn’t glance in my direction after they’d gone so I took that as my cue to grab my towel, clothes and the first aid kit, disappearing into the bathroom.
As expected the water was freezing cold much like the room itself, but it did the job of washing away the dirt and dried blood from my body and from my hair. I also ended up smelling like a man since there were only men’s soap products in the shower.
Once I’d dried my body and put my hair up into the towel to dry, I focused on cleaning the cut on my stomach and bandaging it again. When that was done I cleaned the cut on my forehead and the ones on my knees before I got changed into the skimpy clothes I was given, also letting my hair down again.
The shorts were tight and clingy and ended mid-thigh and the shirt was thankfully long enough to cover the bandage and the bruises I had on my abdomen.
Once I was finally done changing, I went back into the room to see that Carson was now sitting on the chair with a glare on his face. He refused to look in my direction when I walked in, although he did speak to me.
“You can wear the shirt they gave me. It’ll be bigger on you than that one.”
“It doesn’t matter Carson, your clothes are covered in blood you need to change. You should probably clean those cuts too.”
“I’m fine.” When he spoke in a dismissive tone, I let out a sigh and went back into the bathroom. After grabbing the first aid kit, I slowly approached him and when he didn’t say anything, I knelt down in front of him.
“Be quiet.”
He narrowed his eyes at me but instead of paying any attention to him I just took the anitseptic wipes out of the box. He kept his expression cold the entire time I cleaned up his cuts, dabbing carefully at them.
He didn’t even flinch once.
“Give me your hand.” Instead of presenting his hand to me like I’d asked, he just rose an eyebrow at me instead causing my irritation to grow.
“Carson.” Ignoring my irritated tone, he suddenly sat forward, bringing his face a little closer to mine.
“Why are you doing this?” He was clearly still angry at me from earlier although I don’t know what I did to him apart from getting myself kidnapped with him.
“Because you’re hurt and you’re clearly not going to do it yourself.”
“Well, I don’t trust you.” I let out a scoff when he said this, tossing the antiseptic wipe back into the box on the floor next to me.
“I never asked you to trust me or even to like me, once again I’m just trying to help you.”
“I’ve already fucking told you, I don’t need your fucking help.” I pursed my lips as I nodded my head before I rose, standing to my feet in front him.
He didn’t say a word as I walked towards the bed to get away from him, but before I got there I turned around to face him again.
“I felt sorry for you, when I saw you. I wanted to help you because you were being attacked by these men. But now, I’m starting to think that maybe you deserve it. Maybe…maybe you’re just as bad as they are.”
He held my stare as I spoke and when I finished, he let out a humourless laugh, also standing up to his feet. I watched him carefully as he crossed the room coming towards me, giving me the same cold glare as before.
He stopped right in front of me, close enough for me to smell the strong scent of his aftershave, before he leaned down a little bringing his face closer to mine.
His next words came out barely above a whisper but were still powerful enough to cause my breath to catch in my throat.
“Maybe I am just bad as them…or maybe I’m worse baby girl.

To Be Continued

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