Down Moment That Turned to Praise- Actress Omoye Arewa

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Vateran actress Omoye Arewa took to her Facebook page to narrate her down moment to all her fans.

One of these days I’m going to share one of my down moments with you.

Down Moment That Turned to Praise. Glory Be To God

I‘m going to tell you how, after thinking I was good to go at the University of Ado Ekiti, I found out in my 200level that I was with a fake admission.

I am Omoye Arewa Ayo mi

I will tell you how death almost became a friend and how sickness almost became a cousin when I thought of the shame and waste of time. Yes, I was mocked, but I remained focused.

I will tell you how I could hardly pick up a broom, walk or eat without crying. I will tell you how running away from the school and everyone I knew sounded like the best idea.

I will also tell you how I was encouraged and fell more in love with my then boyfriend who finally became my husband because of his moral support.

I will tell you how I started back again even though I wasn’t the only one with fake admission but was obviously the only one who revealed it to all while others continued with the act of being a “student”.

I will tell you how I summoned courage to sit for another Jamb with my younger sister and then went for post UTME in two different universities.

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I will tell you how in the course of dating and waiting for the results, my boyfriend now husband convinced me to go for part time programme even though i was totally against it, seeing it as a means for older generations and not my age (Lol, thank God for common sense).

He persuaded me and seeing my academic idleness on campus, I decided to go for it and I got admission to study History and International Relations.

…and i will tell you the funny part; I will tell you how in my 100level 2nd semester during exam period, I got a message from University of Ibadan that I met their cut off mark to study Law and to come over for the last screening.

And how I rejected it knowing that I was already in the place I was meant to be. (Thank God I listened to my inner voice, else I definitely might not have all I have today).

I will also tell you how till date, I never regretted doing that. But most especially how grateful I am that I was given the fake admission that made me go for Part Time.

If all these hadn’t happened, I definitely will not be Where I Am Today. With part time, I was free with more time to pursue my Acting Dreams and was already on my way to Independence.

Bellamia Omoye Arewa Ayomii

But most importantly, soon I will tell you how many laughed at me because I lost my admission then. How many of my close friends started ignoring me thinking I was now below their league.

I will tell you how one of them even tried using it to embarrass me one day in front of Adetutu Hall when she saw me sitting in the ALUTA bus with my Man and his Excos.

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Unfortunately for her, she underestimated my relationship with my man and was humiliated to find out that contrary to what she thought was a secret, wasn’t a secret as He and everyone close to me knew everything.

But, I was shocked by her actions. Why? Because this was actually a girl who had fake admission too while pretending to be a bonafide student. Yet she had the temerity to mock me. But you know the funny thing?

Till date I never told anyone she didn’t have an admission and that we both resat for jamb together in the same centre.
Lol, What a life! I could get another admission in EKSU full time, because I had got the network on campus.

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After all, my boyfriend now husband already lost count of how many candidates he had helped secure admission. But you see, I was already doing my History and International Studies jejely. Kini mo n wa kiri? I have always been blessed with focus and even then, I had my focus.

Friends, Soon, very soon, I will share with you, how I was ten times better off than most of them and even many who graduated long before me.

I will also humbly tell you how many of them cannot enter many of the places I get invited to, to talk despite their so called “seniority in graduation”.

But oops, it will not be on this platform

IT WILL BE ON A NATIONAL TV and I hope you will have the opportunity to watch me that day. But even if you don’t, don’t sweat, you will definitely hear/read of it.

Then, Someone or Many will get HOPE out of their case that is looking hopeless.

Omoye Arewa

My name is Omoye Arewa A. The producer of the movieAREWA MI Directed by Afeez Abiodun. Adele (Regent), Angel of Death, Street Judgement and the award winning movie Iwaloba etc.

Arewa has featured in many movie both Yoruba and English, she had played thousands of roles in different movies with her undiluted self produced movies.

Actress| TV Host | Writer | Influencer & Role Model To Many.

#DreamChaser #Iinspire #IgiveHope

Ghandi Ghandi

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