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There are many ways you can make money online this pandemic period. I have a platform that can earn you more than 500 grams monthly?

One Gram equals to $2.

There are many platforms that pay more than MLM in Nigeria.

MLM means Multi Level Marketing. MLM is the act of making money online using downline, referrers etc.

You should remember the time of MMM, many gained and millions fell in wrong hand.

Your earnings in MLM depends on how much people you invite into the system and it mostly involve a start up capital.

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online without regretting at the end of it all. Dough, blogging takes time to start fetching good returns depending on the type of Category you wants to focus on.

All you need in starting your own blog are:

1. Buy Domain

2. Buy Host

3. Design WEBSITE

4. Start creating contents

5. Monitize your contents.

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GramFree is another method of making money online which is going viral now.

With gram you can earn more than 500grams monthly depending on your seriousness and consistency.

Registration is free on gramfree and there are many ways of making money on the platform.

1. Free Roll

2. Sign Contract

3. Lottery

4. Watch Video

5. Refer Your Friends

6. Upload your Videos to and 5grams etc.

Tips:- Make sure you always come online everyday to attain a greater heights. The more you come online the more your earn.

As for the Sign Contract, when you sign contract for 5 days, you must come online for that give days or else your earnings will be deducted.

And when you meet up with the 5 days, your earnings will instantly increase and you earn more money.

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