Parents Should Be Aware of The Disadvantages of Online Class; Read This…

There are so many Disadvantages of this so called online learning. Dough, it works quite well in other advanced countries with their technology but not in Nigeria.

Even before the lockdown, some country have been into the online learning without any network challenges or abuse. This is one of the lapses of Nigeria government in terms of technology.

It is very obvious that we lack behind when talking of technology. We are not technologically advanced and there is no how it’s not going to affect our kids in one way or the other.

Now unexpected occurrence has pushed us to this unprepared learning method. But we parents have a lot of work to do.

Dear parents, please always go through your kids phones immediately to ensure they are not in sexual groups on whatsapp and other platforms that can distract their attention while leaning online.

We all know it is mandatory for all children to go online due to the lockdown as a result of the emergence of Covid-19 pandemic that affects most of the countries in the world.

This is my reason for agitation

I just saw on my daughter’s phone on whatsapp some groups where these kids exchange purely graphic and sexual contents.

Are you surprised? I was surprised too. As you are reading this contents I beg you in the name of God, check your child’s phone now to verify because I belief this is going to help a family.

One of the group is called “Neutral Geng” she was added to it yesterday night, I was curious to know why she had notifications of over 800 messages from that chat.

When I connected her phone to WiFi this afternoon, I decided to check the contents before she does anything online.

I was so surprised to see our school children gisting about these pictures of people having sex, sharing videos and talking about it like it’s normal gist amongst them.

I saw a lot of naked sexual pictures and they were laughing about it, I had to remove her from that group and deleted the messages and all the other groups on the phone.

The only reason she is allowed to be online is to keep in touch with her friends and have direct access to her teachers but if we parents do not take charge of our kids now and actively participate in their online behaviors, this will be the beginning of major sexual addictions and behavioral changes in the nearest future.

Please I will advice all parents to always check their kids phones from time to time, monitor their activities during their online class and if possible place restrictions because almost all the kids on that group are overcomers kids that I personally know, I saw their writeups and names myself…

We all know it is not easy for parents to be online always with their kids but let’s try as much as possible to checkmate them. Don’t trust anyone.

There was a time I called one of the teachers in their school to inform them of the disadvantage of this online class for children. But all I got was that their minds can never go there.

I can’t always be online checking my kids, but if this continues, I’ll have to take away her phone, then we wait until school resumes before academic activities continues or the school should send these school work directly to parents as well.

If the disadvantage of anything you are doing is more than the advantage then we consider it null (invalid).

I pray this lock down comes to an end pretty soon so our kids can get back to their normal lives…

Idleness is the devil itself…


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