Daily Sure Odds Prediction For Today 21-01-2023

Yesterday’s prediction was superb as it almost cut off my throat 😂😂 when the first match we predicted to play under 3.5 goals scored 3 goals in 15minites. I am glad to announce that there was no more goal till the end of the match which means what will be will surely be.

Yesterday's winning prediction

Today’s Prediction will be kicking off by 4pm

Today's Prediction

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Advantages of the Cashout Feature

Of you are just joining us today, you can read our previous post Cash Out: Daily 2 Odds For Today 19-01-2023

So, cash out guarantees you more control over the turn of the event in order to avoid surprises.

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You can secure more wins by cashing out while the events favor you.

It is relatively easy to use, with options of partial, complete, and auto cashout.

Disadvantages of the Cash out Feature

By using this feature, you risk sacrificing your potential wins, supposing that the events suddenly turn out your favor.

On using this option, you eventually lose the value attached to those events you wagered on.

All bookmakers want to make money, however, the cash out feature might also pose some losses to them. To mitigate this, they might likely restrict you from enjoying certain benefits such as promotions and bonuses.

Should You CashOut Your B€t?

So, we’ve discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the cash out feature, the next questions are: when should you use the CashOut betting strategy and when should you not?

i. When To Cash Out

During the match, we have to confirm a cash-out most of the time, but it is possible to do so before kick-off. This can be of interest if a team’s top scorer picks injury a few hours before the start of the match, for instance.

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In this scenario, even though you trigger the feature a few minutes after Bookmakers have reported the bet, a pre-match cancellation also has a cost and you can systematically get back less than your stake.

Therefore, Cash Out only when:

When you think there is an offer of good value in the cash out.

If there’s a significant amount of money on the line and you don’t want to risk losing it, go for this option. When you are when you desperately need a win, this option might be for you.

ii. When Not To Use Cash Out Betting Strategy

Avoid using fear in making hasty decisions concerning your wager. Gambling is not for the feeble minded, take the bold step, and stick by your decision.

You calculated the risk of losing your whole stake before you put the bet, either before the start of the event or in-play, and decided it was worth it.

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The game is in progress, so something can happen at any moment. You can, however, take some time to measure your winnings before you CashOut and whether cashing out is worth it.

It’s going to take a few seconds, maybe even minutes. Even if the opponents score and you lose your wager, because of the strain of the match, it’s better to miss unprofitable cash out than to make hasty decisions.


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