Covid-19 Lockdown: Ibeju-Lekki Youths Appear in Nigeria News Paper Tagged As Been Fierceness

National Youth Council of Nigeria Ibeju-Lekki branch

Press release!!!

Covid-19 lockdown which tagged Youth in Ibeju-Lekki in some Nigeria news paper/Television as been fierceness.


Youth have been tagged with violence the (old habit) to request for their right and make their stand.

The bound slogan of Nigerian Youth under National Youth Council of Nigeria is to…

Build the Youth!
Build the Nation!

While in the opposite “Destroy the Youth at the detriment of the Nation.”

We must be quick to break those old habits that break us and hasten to adopt those practices that will become the habits that will help us achieve the success we desire.

The NYCN Ibeju-Lekki Branch implore Punch News to please check the stand of National Youth Council of Nigeria Ibeju-Lekki branch on her press briefing.

Base on the news released by punch news on 28th/April/2020 that some Eleko/Ibeju-Lekki Youth protesting against lockdown. This is not the real picture of what happened.

Nairablink gathered that the real picture of the hullabaloo was as a result of a voice note that was released on social media on 26th/April/2020 which stated that some workers of Dangote refinery/fertilizer was tested positive of covid-19.

Also some of the workers were agitating for been lockdown as ordered by the government to curtail the spread of covid-19 Pandemic in the Country, while the expertraits Indians go to work and guided by their entourage Nigeria  Police Force of which contrary to the Presidential order on covid-19.

While the workers were protesting for their stands..

  1. For been lockdown by government order without salary while their expatriates (Indians) goes to work,
  2. Ont other hand, those at work agitating for working under unsafe atmosphere.

Some of our youth who thought the protest is as a result of the voice note called to confirm despite the previous stands of the youth council to stay calm for the issue is under control.

But were quickly called to order with the stand of the Youth Council in there press briefing.

We are Youths, we are responsible and we are always take to orders. We don’t engage in any sort of violence, huligalism  and distraction.

On the day of this protest the National Youth Council of Nigeria Ibeju-Lekki also forbid any idea or attempt of protest on the voice note released and advised everybody to remain indoor as entails in government order. Also the community leaders on the same page.

However, the Unfortunate aftermath was the action of Police that went around to arrest some people (without due verification) whom among them are innocent youths that know nothing about the protest.

We therefore, urged The Nigerian Police Force to always make their investigation wider and prove a defendant 50 percent accused of the allegation against them before arraignment.

Moreso, the DSS, CIDs should do further critical investigation with valid evidence to prove the accused guilty or innocent.

Furthermore, We also urged the Nigeria Media and online news to please make the actual fact of situation like this before publishing.

We all know that bloggers and other news platforms are using this greater opportunity to gain traffic to their sites but face information always give bad reputation.

Finally, the legal adviser of the Youth Council and other Legal team have headed to Area C Police Command (Onipanti) for the bail arrangement of the innocent Youths arrested.

NYCN Ibeju-Lekki Branch

Jimoh Akolawole Ismaila
Publicity Secretary

Build the Youth! Build the Nation!

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Stay Home Stay Safe and remember to always watch your hands from time to time.

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